Awkward moment Hinge matches brother and sister

Well, that’s awkward. A woman has been left stunned as an app suggested she date her brother in what can only be described as a fail.

A woman has been left stunned after Hinge suggested she should meet her ‘most compatible’ date on their platform – but it ended up being her brother.

Rosie Holt, from the UK, was swiping through the popular dating app when she spotted the all-too-familiar smiling face of sibling Charlie Holt as her top potential match, The Sun reports.

The London-based actress and comedian tweeted a photo over the weekend of his profile with the baffling alert, saying “most compatible: Charlie and Rosie, we think you two should meet”.

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Rosie later revealed Charlie received the same message despite her already declining the awkward opportunity to connect with him, joking that “he’s not my type”.

Hinge’s matchmaking algorithm linked the pair due to their London location and their profiles’ interests and preferences, but Twitter users have joked it worked a little too well.

Her tweet has since been liked, retweeted and commented on more than 23,000 times with users joking “at least you’ll love the in-laws” and “Hinge has been watching Game of Thrones”.

Replying to amused users the actress joked, “of all the men in London …” and “Hinge needs to sort itself out”, but she did concede she can’t blame the dating app for not realising they’re siblings.

Rosie’s post said: “Hinge has just suggested I match with my brother. FML.”

“Haha, well I guess their algorithm works a treat? I mean, you two definitely have things in common (such as your parents),” one user commented.

“On the plus side you already love him unconditionally, so it would be a very stable match,” said another.

“The coding team at Hinge have been bringing Game of Thrones then clearly,” a third person joked.

Someone else added: “Look at the positives! You already love the in-laws and they love you. No additional family celebrations that you get dragged along to.”

Rosie later agreed with a tweet claiming it wasn’t Hinge’s fault, posting a tongue-in-cheek tweet that said: “This man has rightly called me out on my Hinge-blaming tweet and really given me food for thought.

“I would like to humbly apologise to Hinge and let them know I don’t hold them personally responsible.”

Rosie, who has almost 100,000 Twitter followers, is a comedian and actress who has made a number of TV appearances in the past decade including an appearance in a comedy short on Comic Relief in 2017.

Rosie and Hinge have been contacted for comment while Charlie declined to comment.

This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission


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