Awkward moment woman thinks her bloke is proposing in Paris

A VIRAL photo has captured the VERY awkward moment a woman thought she was being proposed to – only to discover what was really happening.

The snap, which has been shared on Reddit, sees the couple in front of the Eiffel tower during a holiday to Paris.


A girlfriend was left devastated after she mistook her boyfriend tying his shoelaces for a proposalCredit: Reddit

And with such a romantic backdrop it was unsurprising that the loved-up lady got confused.

As her bloke knelt down, a photographer passing by captured the woman clasping her hands over her mouth – clearly convinced this is the moment her man will ask her the big question.

However, in actuality, he was simply bending down to tie a shoe lace.

The recently resurfaced Reddit post was captioned: “Don’t tie your shoelaces in Paris or your girlfriend will cry.”

Fellow users were left in hysterics over the unfortunate mishap – with many feeling sorry for the optimistic woman.

One wrote: “Someone should do this but then after they tie their shoe, pull a ring out of their pocket and propose.”

“Well, whoever photographed this really copped an Eiffel,” joked another, while a third wrote, “Simple preventative measure: turn away from her before tying the shoelace.”

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