Babies born on these dates are the most successful but it’s bad news if you’re due in December

WE know they say that your name can affect your success in life, but what about the day you were born? 

Researchers at MyHeritage have gathered the birthdays of 1,000 recipients of numerous prestigious prizes to discover the birthdays most likely to bring success. 


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The data used 1,000 winners from 10 different prestigious awards.

These awards were The Grammys, Oscars, World Cup, Michelin Star Award, The Golden Globes, The Pulitzer Prize, The Nobel Prize, The Booker Prize, the Palme d’Or and the Olympics. 

Out of 365 days in a year, April 30 proves to be the birthday that has produced the most winners.

Among 1,000 winners or shortlisted nominees, 11 were born on this date, including Oscar-winner Cloris Leachman, one of the most celebrated actresses in history. 

Some other well-known celebrities who share this successful birthday include rapper Travis Scott, actress Gal Gadot and actress Kirsten Dunst. 

The second birthday most associated with winning prestigious awards is another date in April. The 27th of this month has a total of eight out of 1,000 winners and shortlisted nominees sharing this birthday. 

Winners with this birthday include singer and Grammy winner Lizzo and actress and Golden Globes winner Sally Hawkins, as well as two Michelin Star chefs, Martin Berasategui and Léa Linster.

April proves to be the month that produces the most successful award winners and nominees, with 99 recipients having birthdays during this month.

This includes Oscar-winner Emma Thompson, Grammy-winner Barbra Streisand, Harry Potter star Emma Watson, Queen Victoria and Victoria Beckham. 


November came in second place, with 94 winners and nominees having been born in this month. These include Oscar and Golden Globe winner Anne Hathaway and Michelin Star winner Gordan Ramsay. 

March was the third most successful month, with 92 awardees having been born in the third month of the year. Five-time Grammy winner Mariah Carey and The Palme d’Or winner Quentin Tarantino were born this month. 

February is the least common month to be born in according to the CDC, and this may explain why only 58 winners and nominees were born during this month.

These include Oscar winner Daniel Kaluuya and Portuguese footballers and World Cup winners Cristiano Ronaldo and Pepe. 

December is the second least successful month, with only 71 award winners being born during this time frame. 

April is the most successful birthday month


April is the most successful birthday month
April 30 is the most successful birthday date


April 30 is the most successful birthday date

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