Babysitter reveals the secret signs you’re the parent that spoils their kids

A BABYSITTER has revealed the signs that you’re the parents that spoils your kids – and they’re bound to leave you cringing.

Miriam Mullins, from Ireland, used to make her money babysitting local kids and said she could spot an overindulged child a mile off.


Babysitter Miriam Mullins revealed how she can tell when a child is spoiltCredit: miriammullins_/TikTok
A child glued to an iPad is normally a good indicator


A child glued to an iPad is normally a good indicatorCredit: miriammullins_/TikTok
As well as an overprotective mum


As well as an overprotective mumCredit: miriammullins_/TikTok

Taking to her TikTok, she shared a roleplay of the classic kind of mum she encountered, captioning her video, “POV: whenever I used to babysit spoilt kids & their parents thought they were angels.”

In the video. Miriam begins by introducing herself to the mum, before telling her to “enjoy your night and I’ll look after the little one.”

The ‘mum’ then replies: “The little one has a name, her name is Alice and she’s our pride and joy so you need to make sure you look after her well OK?”

Miriam goes on to explain that she has great reviews from the other families she’s worked for before the ‘mum’ introduces ‘Alice’ to her.

But rather than greeting her new babysitter, ‘Alice’ (who is played by Miriam) simply continues to play on her iPad.

Two hours later, Miriam returns in the hope of getting ‘Alice’ into bed but she refuses and when, Miriam threatens to tell her mum she answers back to that too.

The video has since gone viral receiving over 138,000 likes and hundreds of comments, with her followers left in hysterics.

One wrote: “You never fail to make me laugh.”

“I feel so bad for my babysitters,” said another, while a third added, “Whenever they say she’s an angel you know they aint (sic).”

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