‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Spoilers: Fans Reacts To ‘Intense’ and ‘Wild’ Season.

‘Bachelor in Paradise’ spoilers find that season seven has been long awaited, and according to two cast members, “Grocery Joe” Amabile and Natasha Parker, audiences should prepare for a wild ride.

Speaking with Click Bait with Bachelor Nation podcast co-host, Tayshia Adams, the two castaways officially confirmed by ABC in early July opened up about their filming experiences down in Mexico.

“Grocery Joe” divulged he wasn’t expecting to be invited to paradise again, saying, “I forgot all of what Paradise is about, and it is a wild ride in this season. [It] is insane, it really is.”

‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Spoilers: Fans are Promised an ‘Intense’ and ‘Wild’ Season.

Grocery Joe met Kendall Long during 2019’s season six of Bachelor in Paradise. The two dated for almost a year. He continued, saying to Tayshia, “It almost was like every day got more and more intense.”

Natasha, who fans first met when she was vying for Peter Weber’s heart on The Bachelor agreed with her co-host, telling the podcast listeners how she and other new castaways would often refer to Joe because of his previous experience, asking “’Joe, is this what happens?’ He goes, ‘It wasn’t like this my season. It wasn’t like this my season.’”

Joe finished the tease saying that his second stay in Paradise was “wild” and there are “a lot of unexpected happenings in Paradise”.

He also went on to praise former Bachelorette contestant and Bachelor in Paradise staple, Wells Adams, for his exceptional work doing double duty this season as bartender/ master of ceremonies.  Joe even suggested that Wells, should “be the full-time host.”

Wells has also opened up about the upcoming Bachelor Nation spin-off, teasing one moment in particular that will “blow Bachelor Nation fans away”.

“Of all the five seasons I’ve done in Paradise, the craziest stuff happens on this season. I think no one is going to expect what happens,” Wells revealed. “I can’t believe it happened, and I think that everyone’s going to lose their minds when they see what went down. I know that it sounds so grandiose. But it really is true.”

Grandiose- check. Complete and utter excitement for the upcoming season? Double check. Lucky there’s not too long to wait now.

Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 premiered on ABC on Monday, Aug. 16.

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