Bachelor Nation’s Jef Holm Drops Restraining Order Against Robby Hayes

Bachelor Nation alums Jef Holm and Robby Hayes have had quite the falling out lately. After initially filing a restraining order though, it has now been dismissed.

Wait what’s going on?

Let’s start from the beginning. Earlier this summer, Jef Holms said that Robby Hayes used to live with him but no longer does. Since he moved out though, he has still been entering his house without permission.

Jef says Robby “used to live at my house but does not now. He continues to enter the premises & harass me & I do not feel safe around him.”

Not only that, but Jef claims, Robby comes over to his house at least once a week and is hostile. Jef has even felt unsafe before.

“I was alone in my home when he entered abruptly and aggressively started threatening me & I felt very unsafe.” He says, “[Robby] yelled at me and threatened me and entered without permission.”

Because of this, he asked the courts to order Robby against approaching the place of his work, his car, and his home. The hearing was set for yesterday, August 30.

What now?

The hearing did not end up happening. Apparently, Jef ended up skipping even though Robby showed up. Because of this, the judge dismissed the order.

None of this was done with bad intention though. In fact, Jef says that things have died down. He no longer needs a restraining order and is dropping it entirely.

“Tensions died down as I hoped. I haven’t seen any reason to continue with the restraining order, so I dropped it,” Jef said according to Us Weekly. “Like I mentioned before, I wish him the best.”

Who are Jef Holms and Robby Hayes?

Jef was a contestant during Emily Maynard’s season of The Bachelor. Emily and Jef actually ended up getting engaged. However, clearly, that didn’t end up panning out and the two went in their own ways.

Robby was the runner-up on JoJo’s season of The bachelorette. Of course, JoJo chose Jordan and the two are still engaged and happily planning a 2022 wedding.

Finally, Robby was on Bachelor in Paradise where he got with Amanda Stanton. In the end, they broke up before the finale ever aired.

What do you think about this whole situation?

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