Bachelorette Katie Thurston addresses DWTS season 30 rumors & performs ‘unattractive’ dance moves in cringeworthy video

THE Bachelorette star, Katie Thurston, has been addressing rumors surrounding her joining the cast of Dancing with the stars.

In order to dispel talk of her joining the competitive talent show by showing off her ‘cringeworthy’ dance moves.


Katie tries to hit the woahCredit: Instagram @thekatiethurston
Katie is engaged to bachelorette winner, Blake Moynes


Katie is engaged to bachelorette winner, Blake MoynesCredit: ABC

Katie took to Instagram to repost a TikTok of herself with the caption “When people ask me about @dancingabc – July 2020 (via TikTok). Same mood. 😅”.

The TikTok was a response to a fan telling her “Now I understand why you don’t post TikTok dances”.

The video sees Katie trying to ‘hit the woah’, a popular dance trend circulating the video-sharing app.

Katie responds to the comment, telling fans “Listen people, I’m doing you a favor by not dancing on my channel”,

“How do i woah,” the star asks as she awkwardly attempts the dance move I just went from a hot girl to a really unattractive in bed kinda girl.”

“what do i do with my fists…do i shake…like, woah. I’m not gonna post this”.

She then continues to attempt to show off her moves before giving up, exclaiming, “It’s not happening”.

Many fans and friends offered the reality star their support as she tried her best to recreate popular Tiktok trends- but one thing is for certain- Katie will not be joining the cast of DWTS this year!

Tammy Kay Ly, a contestant on the 24th season of The Bachelor, reassured her friend, “You’re doing great sweetie”.

Last week, Katie came under fire, being called “role model” after tweeting about taking a “weed edible.”

The reality star hopped on Twitter Sunday night to give her fans a life update.

She wrote: “I just took an edible, laying on the floor of my living room surrounded by responsibilities, all while listening to medication music on Spotify. And how are you?”

However, fans were not pleased with the message, as several condemned her as a “bad role model” for younger Bachelor Nation viewers.

“Not a very good role model to the younger viewers of @bachnation,” one claimed.

But Katie was quick to clap back at salty fans as she replied: “Because I’m consuming a legal drug at a legal age within a legal state?”.

Katie on the Bachelorette


Katie on the BacheloretteCredit: Getty
Katie will not be joining the cast of DWTS


Katie will not be joining the cast of DWTSCredit: Instagram @thekatiethurston


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