Bachelorette winner Blake Moynes slams fiance Katie Thurston’s ex Greg Grippo for ‘distracting from their love story’

THE Bachelorette winner Blake Moynes slammed fiancé Katie Thurston’s ex Greg Grippo.

The 31-year-old claimed Greg ‘s dramatic exit was “distracting from their love story.”


Blake slammed Katie’s ex Greg for ‘distracting from their love story’Credit: Getty
Greg's exit was heavily documented during the final episodes of The Bachelorette


Greg’s exit was heavily documented during the final episodes of The BacheloretteCredit: ABC

Despite earning Katie’s final rose and becoming engaged, Blake revealed the road to finding his happily ever after wasn’t exactly easy.

While reflecting on the most recent season of The Bachelorette, Blake told Insider: “I do think that the whole Greg thing did take away from the love story unfortunately.

“It sucks that it was such a focal point for someone who didn’t actually end up with her.”

Greg, 28, was a frontrunner as he competed to win over Katie, 30, on the popular dating show.


Their relationship originally seemed perfect, though hit a breaking point when the show’s leading lady refused to tell Greg she loved him.

During the drama-filled hometown episode, Greg admitted to reaching his “breaking point” during a heated fight with Katie.

The former contestant began to sob in an emotional scene as he told Katie: “I had no idea I was going to fall in love with you but I did. 

“I have never been this vulnerable in my life with anyone. I won’t get down on one knee twice, it’s a one-deal thing for me and I know I won’t have any regrets at the end of this.”

However, Katie simply responded: “I just love looking at you.” 

Greg appeared very upset with the short answer, which led Katie to add: “I told your family our connection is so strong and I believe in us. You know how I feel about you though, right?”

She ended up leaving their one-on-one disappointed and Greg is left asking himself “what the f**k just happened?”


The next morning, Greg visited Katie’s hotel room and admitted it “scared the hell out of him” that she had “zero reaction” to his confession of falling in love with her. 

Following several minutes of fighting, Katie appeared distraught and asked: “I can’t even comprehend what you’re saying right now. Are you done?” 

“Yes. That’s exactly what I’m saying. It was never about a rose, all I was asking for is Katie. I love everything about you and really saw you as my girl,” Greg assured her. 

He then stormed out of Katie’s hotel room, while she chased him down in tears. 

Once she found him huddled over in a chair, he told her: “All I know is I deserve more than what I’ve been given on your side.”

“Well I’m not happy here anymore. I’m not. I’m done here,” Greg responded before storming off set – leaving Katie crying on the floor alone as she insisted he was “the one.”


The heated argument took up a large portion of the show, while it was also a popular topic during the After the Final Rose ceremony.

Since Greg’s dramatic exit from the show, The Sun exclusively revealed that he’s in the running to become the next Bachelor.

Greg was a frontrunner on Katie's season


Greg was a frontrunner on Katie’s seasonCredit: Getty
Greg's dramatic exit caught Katie off guard


Greg’s dramatic exit caught Katie off guardCredit: Getty
The season ended with Blake and Katie becoming engaged


The season ended with Blake and Katie becoming engagedCredit: Getty
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