Baffled American can’t work out if Brits actually go to the pub as much as they do on TV

According to an American Reddit user, British TV shows and films appear make us look like alcoholics.

The user was left so curious they created a thread on Reddit to ask the question: “Is ‘going to the pub’ a real thing in the UK?”

In the lengthy post, they wrote how we seem to be colossal pub lovers in every British TV show and film compared to the US.

The user also questioned if Brits drink every time they go and how often.They claimed that American people would think “you’re an alcoholic for going every week”.

They wrote: “When I watch TV shows and movies set in the UK, they make it seem like people “go to the pub” fairly regularly, and it’s a normal thing to do. But is this really how it is?

“For example, here in the US, if you go to bars multiple times a week and mentioned this to people, they might think you are an alcoholic – which is fair because, at a lot of bars, the only people that are regularly there during quiet times really are alcoholics (as in they are drunk a lot of the time).”

Americans can’t believe how much we go to the pub

They continued: “But it seems like in the UK, people might go to a pub regularly and not be an alcoholic.”

The user asked: “What’s the reality, do actual UK people “go to the pub” once or twice a month usually? Or do people really “go to the pub” all the time?”

After Brits answered, the user-edited the post and wrote at the bottom: “Edit: And yes I understand pubs are a real thing, but if you watched 90s movies you might think that people really did “go to the mall” all the time when in reality it’s something people generally do only a couple times a month.

“It just seems like these TV shows are exaggerating how common it is to actually “go to the pub”.”

One Brit commented: “Yes, going to the pub multiple times a week is normal in the UK. However, whether you drink and how much you drink is what indicates whether it is an alcoholism problem.

“The history of the name is that it’s short for “public house”, which literally meant it was a house open to the public because lots of working-class houses were small and didn’t really have a big lounge. So the pub was the lounge you could socialise in, either with friends or just whoever is there.

“I think the British pub is closer to US coffee shop culture or possibly diners than bars.”

Another answered: “Yes, it is very real maybe not like multiple times a week but we definitely do go to the pub a lot.

“From watching American TV shows it seems normal for people to get home and have a beer. We just do it in the pub,” said another.

“God f*****g bless the Public House,” gushed one pub-loving Brit.

And another added: “Perfectly normal to go any day of the week. You would only really be considered an alcoholic if you were actually getting drunk there every night of the week. Going for a relaxed couple of drinks is pretty standard.”

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