Baffled bloke asks what the difference is between ‘left and right tampons’

A woman’s boyfriend has left people in stitches after getting confused about the tampons she left in the bathroom.

The bloke was befuddled when he came across his lady’s sanitary protection – namely a number of individually wrapped Tampax Radiant tampons.

On each applicator tampon’s wrapper there was a letter – L and R.

The boyfriend uploaded a snap to his Twitter account to ask for information as he was totally baffled by the letters.

Any woman will know that the R on tampons stands for “regular” indicating a normal, middle of the road period flow.

While the L on the other wrapper stands for “light” which is used on days when the flow is – you guessed it – lighter than average.

The confused man asked Twitter for help

Unfortunately, the hapless bloke didn’t know this and so he assumed that L and R stood for left and right.

He tweeted: “What the heck is the difference between a Left and Right tampon??”

And over 120,500 people have liked the post with almost 8,000 retweeting.

Plus, of course, jokes followed.

One person said: “Poor guy didn’t know women have two vaginas”.

People quickly whipped out the jokes
People quickly whipped out the jokes

While a jokester added: “Actually the L stands for loud, like when the flow is audible like an ocean wave, and the R stands for the roar, like when the vag is more of a lion than a p***y, where it’s not like a heavy flow but that it’ll bite you.”

But, it seems the bloke was not the only person confused by the packaging.

“My wife asked me to buy her tampons and I thought the L stood for large and the R was regular so I had to call her ass and ask her what size her p***y is,” said one.

Another added: “I FOR SURE was today years old ?? Like wtfffff can you PLEASE explain.”

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