Barbra Streisand, James Brolin Fighting Over Cloning And Adopting More Dogs?

Barbra Streisand is a legendary dog owner. She famously cloned her deceased-dog Samantha twice. Her husband, James Brolin, is reportedly not a fan of the clones. Is he really drawing a line in the sand over the dogs?

‘Clash Over Dog Clones’

Barbra Streisand is apparently dreaming of cloning her dogs again. According to the Globe, the “People” singer isn’t satisfied with only two clones of her dog Samantha. Violet and Scarlet are getting older. An insider explains, “She knows they won’t be around forever… she wants to continue the cloning process to keep Samantha’s line going, but James thinks they have enough dogs.”

Brolin puts up with the dogs, but he thinks the twin clones and cousin Fanny are more than enough, the source says. The three dogs run the house, and Brolin can seldom find an unclaimed pillow. “He goes along with it because he knows Barbra loves her dogs like they’re her children but he’s firm in saying three dogs is enough,” the tipster reveals.

Streisand isn’t having it, however. She wants the dog, but won’t do it without her husband’s blessing. An insider concludes, “James would be better to back down now if she wants to keep the peace.”

How Many Dogs Does Barbra Streisand Have?

When this tabloid claimed Kanye West was trying to clone himself, the story was easy to laugh off. He’s never been interested in cloning, so we didn’t need to give it a second thought. This sounds wild, but Barbra Streisand’s legitimate interest in cloning means this story cannot be instantly dismissed. What a world we live in.

However, this story is still completely bogus. When Streisand cloned her beloved Samantha, the breeder actually came back with four puppies. The runt sadly died, but Streisand already had Fanny at home and another dog named Sadie. She wrote, “Five dogs were too much for me to handle.” She gave Sadie and one of the puppies away to close friends, settling on three.

This story is revealing for two reasons. First, Streisand could easily have had four or even five dogs, but she thinks three is more than enough. Second, Brolin doesn’t seem to care at all about the number of dogs in his home.

Relevant Bogus Stories

James Brolin is the regular butt of tabloid jokes, usually over the pooches. Star claimed Brolin and Streisand were breaking up over her love of dogs. OK! ran an almost identical story, reporting that Streisand loved the dogs more than Brolin. The two have been together for decades, so this whole narrative just rings hollow.

As for the Globe, it maintains that Streisand and Brolin are drifting apart over her fear of COVID-19. Curiously, that narrative goes completely unmentioned in this dog story. The reasons may change, but Streisand’s relationship status isn’t. She and Brolin are still very happy together with their three dogs, so this story is completely false.


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