‘Barely 5ft’ woman fumes as mum demands she moves so son can see Disney parade

A woman was left fuming after a mum ‘hurled abuse at her’ while she was visiting Disney World after she refused to move for her son who couldn’t see due to his height

The woman posted about the incident on Reddit

It’s known as the place where memories are made and magic is real.

Children visiting Disney World feel as if all of their dreams are coming true – especially when they get to meet their heroes.

But one child’s recent trip to the happiest place on earth may have fallen short following a disagreement between his mum and a visitor.

One woman was left fuming after the mum ordered her to move so her son could see the characters in the parade.

After refusing to do so, she claims the mum dubbed her a “scumbag” for refusing to move back.

The woman said the mum wanted her to move so her son could see the Parade (stock image)


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On Reddit, she asked for advice on whether she should have refused – or just moved after all.

She explained: “As the cavalcade was about to pass, cast members directed people who were on the wrong side of the path and told everyone to cross to my side and stand behind the tape.

“The mother forced herself in front of me and the entire stroller was over the line. It took about 30 seconds for a cast member to tell her she had to move behind the tape.

“She then turned around and told me I had to back up so she could fit. I told her no, she could find another place to stand as not only was I here first, but she was on the wrong side entirely.

“She of course then went into her rant about how her son wouldn’t be able to see and I didn’t need to be upfront. For the record, I am barely 5 ft.

“So yeah if I moved, I wouldn’t be able to see either. I told her it was not my responsibility to make sure her kid could see and I was keeping my spot.

She added: “After the cavalcade, I was walking into frontier land, her family were behind me making rude comments about how I was entitled and a scumbag.”

People felt like she was right to stand her ground, as one commented: “You’re my hero. I’m so tired of entitled parents thinking their kids and them deserve some kind of preference just for existing.

“Adults are allowed to experience things too.”

Another wrote: “You are a paying customer and you made sure to get there early! They had no business being so rude.”

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