Barrie Drewitt-Barlow Gifted A Luxury Flat To His 1-Year-Old Baby As Her First Birthday Present.

British millionaire Barrie Drewitt-Barlow doesn’t mind spoiling his daughter, Valentina. For her first birthday, she received a luxury flat and several designer clothing.

Parents undoubtedly want to give everything they can to their children. So when Barrie Drewitt-Barlow became a millionaire, he didn’t hold back on spoiling his kids.

Barrie, a businessman and owner of a global medical research facility, is a proud father of six. In 1999, he and his partner, Tony, became the first registered same-sex parents when they welcomed twins Saffron and Aspen.

They tied the knot in 2014 but had already entered a platonic stage by 2006. At that time, Tony was diagnosed with throat cancer. They went on to have more kids, Orlando, Jasper, and Dallas.

However, Barrie later fell in love with his personal assistant and Saffron’s ex-boyfriend Scott. In September 2020, Barrie and Scott welcomed a daughter born via surrogate, Valentina.

At the young age of one, Valentina is already as spoiled as can be. For her first birthday, her father gifted her a luxury flat in Manchester, New Square, worth £600,000 (over $800,00).

“I hired a personal shopper to go out around London and buy her a selection of designer clothes,” Barrie shared. “She spent £60,000 on them. They are only going to fit her until after Christmas because she is growing so fast.”

Barrie fully supports his daughter’s cosmetic surgeries and encourages her to do more.

On the other hand, Scott bought their daughter a diamond bracelet and a love heart necklace, both from Tiffany and costing thousands.

Apart from Valentina’s dads, her older sister also splurges on the little one. Saffron, who lives in the same building, only allows the one-year-old to wear Gucci socks. Defending their lifestyle, Barrie said:

“We do spoil her that’s for sure, and it’s never going to stop. The problem is, there will always be people who don’t like our lifestyle. That’s for sure.”

According to the businessman, he never stepped on anyone and paid his taxes like any other person. So, there was nothing wrong with the way he chose to spend his money. He added that they worked hard for the money they had and did not inherit it from anyone.

Like her sister, Saffron was also spoiled growing up. At the age of 16, she had lip fillers injected because she was not satisfied with her appearance.

After mean critics called her flat-chested online, she had breast implants to grow her chest from a 34AA to a full C. Barrie fully supports his daughter’s cosmetic surgeries and encourages her to do more.

Since plastic surgery was made available, many women have gone under the knife. Among them is actress Jamie Lee Curtis who opened up about her experience.

According to the “Freaky Friday” star, getting plastic surgery did not work out well for her. She also believes that the obsession with society’s standard is “wiping out generations of beauty.”

Nevertheless, going under the knife is prominent in the entertainment industry as stars want to look nothing less than perfect. At the end of the day, real beauty shines from within.


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