‘B&B’ Dramatic Weekly Spoilers: Eric Shocks Quinn

‘The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for August 16-20, 2021, reveal Quinn finally getting the love she has been craving all her life — from two men.

‘The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Quinn Has A Dilemma

Quinn (Rena Sofer) has resolved herself to a life without Eric and, so far, life without Eric (John McCook) hasn’t been half bad. After all, her marriage ended due to an affair with Carter (Lawrence Saint-Victor), so she’s just been continuing that affair. This week, the pair declare their love and want to go public with the news, but Eric throws them a curveball.

When Quinn visits him at home to discuss the divorce, Eric wants to rip up the papers. He wants Quinn back and now Quinn has to decide between the man she’s been married to for five years and this new man who accepts her for who she is and compares her to nobody. She loves them both but knows she can’t give Carter the family she thinks he deserves. Will Quinn give up what she has with Carter and be with Eric because she thinks it’s for Carter’s own good or will he convince her he doesn’t need a family if he has her in this life?

Finn’s Already Sneaking Around

Finn (Tanner Novlan) promised Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) he wouldn’t see Sheila (Kimberlin Brown), even though he just met his birth mom and wants to know more about her and where he really came from. Still, Steffy laid down the law. No husband of hers is going to grow close to Sheila Carter, the woman who took her mother away from her when a daughter needed a mother most. But it turns out Finn can’t keep his promise and decides to see Sheila without telling his new wife. After all, Sheila did manage to go back into her good old bag of tricks and get Finn’s phone number.

However, he does tell their new roommate because he needs someone to confide in and Paris (Diamond White) seems like as good a person as any. After all, she is always around, always has a smile, and always knows the right thing to say so Finn will feel good about himself. Isn’t that just amazing? How could any woman on earth be so perfect — or is she a little too perfect?

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