B&B Star Annika Noelle Shares News of a Deep Personal Loss

Annika Noelle earned a Daytime Emmy Supporting Actress nomination for her role as Hope on The Bold and the Beautiful for playing the baby Beth kidnapping storyline. Now, the actress is opening up about a real-life maternal loss.

Annika Noelle Reveals Inner Joy And Turmoil

Annika Noelle wrote a first-person essay for Glamour in which she revealed she’s suffered two heartbreaking miscarriages. She lost a daughter at 10 weeks. “When my fiancé and I found out I was pregnant, we were simultaneously overjoyed and terrified,” Noelle wrote. “These would be our first steps together on the journey of parenthood. Immediately my shopping carts became full of baby books and my browser tabs full of information from bassinets to doulas to red-light baby dream machines.

“The following weeks became a flurry of doctor appointments, blood work, and ultrasounds, all squeezed around my busy filming schedule,” the actress continues. “It was only until the progesterone results came in that everything began to unravel.”

Noelle and her fiancé suffered a subsequent loss after they became expectant parents again only to lose their second child, a son, at 8 weeks. Initially, the actress was very private about the devastation she was feeling, which wasn’t easy as she was shooting at B&B during this time. “I came up with excuses for why I couldn’t wear white pants or felt nauseous on set,” she wrote. “Fans and news articles speculated whether I was pregnant or just gained weight during quarantine. And once again the storyline called for ceaseless tears when I felt like I had no more to give.”

How Talking Helps

Noelle goes on to explain about how opening up to a select group of friends — including men — helped her deal with her loss. “I hope we can continue to give ourselves permission to share these experiences so that, one by one, our voices can grow from a murmur into a resounding chorus,” she adds. Check out Glamour to read her full story.

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