B&B Star Katrina Bowden Lands An Exciting New Role

On-screen, Katrina Bowden is preparing to become Mrs. Wyatt Spencer as her character Flo has accepted his marriage proposal on The Bold and the Beautiful. Off-screen, the versatile actress is taking on a new role in an upcoming film.

Katrina Bowden Lands A Role In Dead Wrong

Deadline reports that Bowden is joining the cast of Dead Wrong, an independent film that’s written and being directed by Rick Bieber (Don’t Sleep, Rehab).

The movie tells the tale of a get-rich-quick scheme of a narcissistic man who sets off a chain reaction that overwhelms the lives of many people in his life including his suicidal wife, her nymphomaniacal younger sister, an attorney with a drinking problem who is deep in debt from gambling, a bookmaker/pimp and his Welsh strongman, who is a rural ex-con seeking redemption from his angelic wife and a hard-nosed insurance investigator.

Bowden, a SAG award winner for her role as Cerie on 30 Rock, has been cast as Barbara, a supportive wife who has “selflessly subjugated much of her life in favor of [her husband’s] schemes and fragile emotional well-being.” Ken Clark is the movie’s executive producer. Bowden won’t be far from B&B during production. The movie is set to film in Los Angeles.

Bowden’s B&B Origins

Bowden joined B&B back in 2019 as part of the baby Beth kidnapping storyline. Dr. Reese Buckingham (Wayne Brady) had some gambling debts and stole Hope’s (Annika Noelle) baby and sold the newborn to Taylor (Hunter Tylo) and Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood). Initially a pawn in Reese’s scheme, Flo learned the truth. She tried to tell the truth to everyone but kept holding back out of fear. Just before she came clean, little Douglas (Henry Joseph Samiri) spoke the immortal line, “Baby Beth is alive.”

Flo was ostracized for not coming forward earlier as her silence robbed Liam (Scott Clifton) and Hope of the first several months of their daughter’s life. Later, Flo found partial redemption from her newfound family, The Logans, after she donated a kidney to Katie (Heather Tom).

The Bold and the Beautiful (BB) airs weekdays on CBS. Check your local listings for airtimes. For more about what’s coming up in Los Angeles, check out all the latest that’s been posted on B&B spoilers, and for an in-depth look at the show’s history, click here.


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