‘Be The Change You Want To See’: Karate Kid Wins Netizens’ Hearts After He Keeps Trying

The karate kid keeps trying till he breaks the object held in the Karate instructor’s hand. Then, the Karat kid and his friends jump out of happiness. Watch video.

A heart-winning video of a little karate boy and his instructor has become a new social media hit. Netizens are surprised to see the little boy’s determination, who keeps on trying until he breaks the plate into two parts. The video was first shared on Reddit. The clip is slowly surfacing on social media platforms, and people are pouring in love. In the video, it can be seen that a little boy aged around 6–8 years old is performing at a karate class. He is dressed in a black karate suit. The video shows the little boy crying after failing to break the plate despite several hard attempts.

In the video, the karate instructor sits on the ground holding a plate-like object in his hand. He motivates the kid to break the object, but after several attempts, the little boy soon loses hope. The karate coach, however, did not stop even after seeing the boy cry. In return, he motivates the boy and asks him to try again and again. Finally, the boy wins his heart by breaking the object. After the glorious victory, the boy, the Karate instructor, and his friends all jump out of happiness, and the kid’s friends surround him with joy. The intense, serious moment got soon turned into a celebration-like situation.

Netizens have fallen in love with the boy after watching the video. The video was uploaded on Reddit some hours ago, and it has garnered more than 8000 upvotes and comments. People loved the attitude of the trainer and the effort of the kid. One user who saw the video said, “I am smiling after watching this.” Another person who saw the video turned emotional and wrote, “I am literally crying after watching this.”



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