Beautiful pitbull cries down the phone on call to mum because he misses her

The lonely dog seemed confused where his mother was in the clip, as he cried at the sound of her voice

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Pitbull cries after hearing owner’s voice on the phone

A pitbull has taken separation anxiety to a new heights in this adorable TikTok video of him pining for his mother.

The cute clip, posted by user @princeledezma, sees the dog standing over a phone, which has been placed on speaker mode so that his mother can say hello.

The second the pining pup hears his mother’s voice, he lets out a soft whimper down the phone, letting his mum know just how much he misses her.

As the pitbull’s mother continues to speak to him, he becomes even more exasperated, whining back at the phone loudly as he tries to understand where his mum is.

The video was a huge hit on the video sharing platform, with over 1.2 million views and over 100,000 likes.

Pitbulls are often known for being extremely loving, affectionate and friendly towards their owners, and this one proves no different.

Viewers clearly felt the dog’s emotion, with one commenting: “I like the way he listens in.”

Another wrote: “Pitbulls are the biggest babies, mine is my shadow and gives 0 about personal space lol.”

The pitbull was clearly missing his mother very dearly



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A third added: “Nobody can take momma’s place.”

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