Becca Kufrin Gets The Real Tea From Alana Milne

When Alana Milne went on Becca Kufrin’s podcast, she talked about her relationship with Chris Conran. Fans saw Chris and Alana get ganged up on and sent home from Bachelor in Paradise. They were accused of having a relationship before the show. This really got under contestants like Joe Amabile, and his former connection, Jessenia Cruz’s, skin.

At the end of their short time on the show, Alana told Chris she didn’t know if she could be with him after one date. She talked to Becca about what the real nature of their relationship was and it feels like they were misunderstood on the show.

Alana Milne Knew Chris Conran Would Be There

Alana Milne went on Bachelor Happy Hour to clear the air. When Alana had tried to state her case to the gang yelling at Chris, she was shut down and not allowed to speak. According to Bachelor Nation, Alana said, “I knew Jessenia would be there. I mean, we all met before the show. I knew they would be together because I knew that she was pretty set on him.”


Alana Milne, Instagram

Despite that, she was excited to see him. She told Becca they both met Chris at the same time on a group trip to San Diego with Katie Thurston. Nothing happened between them then and Alana said he wasn’t the only guy she wanted to see when she showed up.

As for Chris C., he seemed to regret making out with Alana in front of Jessenia at the VIP party they went to. He said both of the women were on his list. Since leaving Paradise Alana and Chris have spent more time together. Fans speculate maybe they picked up after the show and developed an actual relationship. Alana said he’s been a great source of support.

She Asked People To Stop Sending Death Threats

Alana Milne continues to get a lot of hate through her social media. She posted on her story about the threats and messages she was receiving. She said, “ya’ll, was what I did on 4 minutes of reality tv really worthy of sending me death threats?” Alana suggested if it is, those people should seek help. She said she’d post the threats and the messages to kill herself on her story so everyone could see. Chris shared a post with tips for dealing with bullying in case Alana needed it.

Milne said sleep deprivation caused her to sound the way she did when Chris got into her car. She said they take separate cars, and she was just letting him know. In her post, she said things between them were, “more than good.”

What do you think about Alana’s side of the story? Do you think she was treated unfairly? Comment with thoughts down below.


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