‘Being a parent is the most tedious job in the world – I wish someone warned me’

Mum Stacey Green has shared some of the things she wishes someone told her about being a parent before having her children – including how tedious it is

Having children is an absolute gift, of course it is, all parents would tell you that. But, it’s no secret that raising children is hard work, and there are lots of elements to it that many mums and dads shy away from talking about.

One mum, however, decided to lift the lid on the hidden elements of being a mum by explaining the things she wishes she’d known about parenting before having kids.

Stacey Green took to TikTok to tell her followers: “You have to do things with them, like all the time. Like fill the day with things to do. For them.

“Before my Saturday would have been maybe hanging out with my friends Mary and Jane, and watching TV. Or going to a cottage. Now my days are spent in a field going ‘one, two, three gooo’ as we go up and down a hill on a tractor.”

Now, it might sound obvious because of course you’re going to have to do things with your kids, and Stacey knew that – but she went on to say that the part no one warned her about was the tediousness of it all.

“Like I knew it, but I didn’t understand the tedium of it all. Anyway, just a little PSA for you if you’re on the fence and you don’t want to do things, or be told what things you should do, this may not be for you,” she said, before turning to her little one and saying: “Ohh, that is a big rock,” with a grimace on her face.

And, evidently, lots of parents agree, with hundreds flocking to the comments section to note how relatable they find it.

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Stacey says she wishes someone told her how tedious being a parent is



She warned others will always judge



“It’s exhausting having to acknowledge every little thing they say,” one mum wrote, while another added: “You forgot to say that they don’t appreciate any of it and will 100% be bored all the time.”

Meanwhile, others commented to thank Stacey, for reminding them of the reasons they chose not to become parents.

“I love it how mums complain about how hard parenting is,” one wrote, adding: “Thank you for being real and helping me avoid motherhood lol I love sleep.”

In a follow up clip, Stacey went on to say that another thing she wishes she knew is just how much everyone would have an opinion on her parenting style.

“Everybody is going to have an opinion about how you’re raising your kids – everybody. And you know what? They can think whatever they want because the only opinion that matters is yours,” she said, before touching on all the judgemental comments she receives on her TikTok videos.

“People saying I can’t believe she would do it like this or that’s not how I do it. Okay. Don’t do it like that, who said you had to. But that’s the beautiful part about this. Those are your babies, this is your family. Everybody else can shove it.”

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