Bella Hadid announces partnership with Kin Euphorics

Bella Hadid is branching out into the business world.

The model, 24, announced Wednesday that she has taken the helm as co-founder of Kin Euphorics, a nonalcoholic adaptogenic drink brand that promises to de-stress and boost moods.

Though Hadid told Vogue she doesn’t remember how she first came across the company, she said “the universe” placed the drink in her fridge in 2019 at a time when she was struggling with a daunting schedule.

While BFF Kendall Jenner launched 818 Tequila this year — and tons of other celebrities from Kate Hudson to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to George Clooney all dabble in the alcohol industry — Kin is marketed as an alternative to those who want to feel a buzz without getting blasted.

“I don’t socially drink nearly as much as I used to,” Hadid told Vogue. “You can either take one shot of whiskey to feel better for 20 minutes or you can drink Kin everyday to feel better for a lifetime.”

Hadid joins CEO Jen Batchelor as co-founder of the company and will even bring a piece of her family’s famous property to the job: Kin drinks will soon be infused with lavender grown on the Hadid family farm in Pennsylvania.

Matriarch Yolanda Hadid’s property has become a refuge for the Hadids during the coronavirus pandemic. Bella’s sister, Gigi Hadid, and Gigi’s boyfriend, Zayn Malik, even bought a house near the property before welcoming daughter Khai at home. Bella, for her part, often posts photos tending to the plants and animals.

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