Bella Hadid Reveals Her Biggest Fashion Embarrassment & Alter-Ego

Bella Hadid has walked hundreds of red carpets, cat walks and city streets. With that comes even MORE outfits, styles and major fashion moments.

The supermodel can sashay in anything and make it look amazing, even a trash bag.

However, there is one look that Bella recently revealed she is still embarrassed by and it will SHOCK YOU!

The 24-year-old opened up during Vogue’s “Life In Looks” YouTube series where she opened up about her early career insecurities, her alter-ego and one look she is completely embarrassed by!

Which again, my mind is blown that THE Bella Hadid is embarrassed by any look she’s flaunted.

The younger sister to Gigi Hadid revealed that a big insecurity of hers in the beginning of her modeling career had to do with makeup.

She explained to Vogue that she was “nervous” to appear in front of cameras with heavy makeup.

One event in particular that had Bella’s nerves on exploding was the 2016 Cannes Film Festival.

She wore a red silk Alexandre Vauthier dress with a hip-high slit in the front. The look was, according to Bella, “apparently a very iconic red dress moment.”

A Red Dress Moment


Despite this dress and moment standing the test of high-fashion time, Bella said it was this look that “embarrassed” her.

“I was nervous in this dress. I look very sexual and all of these things,” she recalled. “I was still nervous by cameras and nervous about having a lot of makeup on and nervous about this slit.”

Bella Hadid in a red dress

She continued, “I kind of get embarrassed by this moment still, even though this dress is gorgeous. It’s just, again, this doesn’t feel so much like me and I think that this was the start of the Bella persona that everyone sees in me.”

“Bella persona” you may be asking yourself?

Don’t worry, she’s got a nickname for it.

Bella ended up naming her Cannes alter-ego ‘Belinda,’ which has stuck with her on red carpets ever since.

“Bless her, love her. She was very nervous,” Bella said.


Bella Hadid looking at a photo of herself
VOGUE / YouTube

While reviewing a look from Milan Fashion Week in 2016 which commemorated Fendi’s 90th Anniversary, Bella explained why she never smiled.

“People used to make fun of me and say I never smiled, and it was just because I was in a really bad place physically and mentally,” Bella said.  “So, I look very sad in this picture, but I was actually very happy.”

Bella revealed it wasn’t until 2018 at the MET Gala that she felt really “sexy and beautiful.”

The natural blonde, yes you read that right, revealed she went for a darker ‘do in order to be the opposite of her entire family.

Bella ended the video saying that she is the happiest she has ever been in her entire adult life. She feels at ease, happy and glad she “made it out alive of that mental state I was in for so many years.”

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