Bella Poarch wins the internet with Pikachu costume in viral Pokemon TikTok

Pop star Bella Poarch went viral online with her adorable Pokemon TikTok. The chart-topping singer transformed into Pikachu to promote her single INFERNO in the most electrifying way.

While the 24-year-old pop sensation has never been shy about her love of anime, Pokemon fans were delighted when shared her passion for the Nintendo RPG series in an August 17th video.

The ‘Build A Bitch’ singer went viral on TikTok with her epic Pikachu costume. The talented artist dressed up as the yellow Electric-type mascot to dance to her new single INFERNO.

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The TikTok star is a fan of Nintendo.

Bella Poarch Pikachu TikTok goes viral with Pokemon fans

After months of anticipation, Bella Poarch debuted her latest song INFERNO on August 12. In a surprise to many Nintendo fans, the Filipino star followed up the hit music video by promoting the single with an adorable Pokemon-themed TikTok.

In the viral clip, the pop star runs through a door before transitioning into a new frame that reveals her to be dressed up in a massive Pikachu costume. The singer adorably dances back and forth as the Game Freak mascot.

The video titled “Who’s that Pokemon!!” immediately went viral on the social media platform, and wracked up over 6.7 million views at the time of writing.


Who’s that Pokémon!!!😆💛

♬ INFERNO – Sub Urban & Bella Poarch

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Pokemon fans were overjoyed by the video, such as one user who wrote, “This is absolutely the best thing I’ve seen all day.” Another hilariously said, “Bella x Pikachu = Bellachu.”

One fan commented, “Bella just get a Pokemon ball and throw and catch it!”

Pokemon fans comment on Bella Poarch Pikachu TikTok

Poarch herself followed up the video with a comment about the adorable yellow mascot. “Help! Pikachu is chasing me,” the singer joked.

Bella Poarch Pokemon comment TikTok

This isn’t the first time Bella Poarch has used anime to promote her music. Just a few days earlier, the star went viral with an epic Hinata Hyuga cosplay from the classic Japanese series Naruto.

Speaking of Pokemon, the franchise celebrated its 25th anniversary this year by teaming up with artists such as Post Malone and Katy Perry. Perhaps the 24-year-old TikTok sensation will be the next singer to collaborate with the Nintendo property.

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