Below Deck Alums Ben Robinson & Kate Chastain Weigh In On Malia White & Tom Checketts’ Split

Kate Chastain and Ben Robinson

Is Captain Lee the only yachtie who can hold down a land-mance? It feels like yes. News of Malia White and Tom Checketts’ break up broke just before the latest season of Below Deck Mediterranean. The first female bosun of the franchise came to us single, but not ready to mingle.

 Malia has since shared that Tom had cheated on her for months. With someone on his different boats, no less. Malia has said Tom is apologetic, but so far he hasn’t addressed a thing publicly. (Jean-Luc Cerza Lanauxtake a note!) In the meantime, Malia is saying, “He wants to get back with me, but, not for me.” Awkward!

Below Deck veterans Kate Chastain and Ben Robinson recently did an interview with Us Weekly. When asked about pros and cons of boat-mances, Kate agreed that it’s hard to adjust to being on boat when leaving a relationship on land.

“The yachties are your entire universe, like, people you were working with [for] six weeks, that is your entire world. So if you’re headed somewhere else or your heart is somewhere else, it’s really not great,” Kate explained. “Have fun with the ones you’re with, even if it’s only for six weeks.” I’ll always live for Kates off-yacht-but-still-on-a boat fling.


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Ben admitted, “I don’t think long distance works out, to be honest and I think it actually is a big hindrance.” He explained that losing a close connection while you’re at sea is stressful. He added, “Sometimes human contact really helps when you’re just so stressed out. It’s weird. You’re very vulnerable and it’s nice to have a hug here and there. I’m just a big baby.”

“I’ve known people to have boyfriends on other boats and other parts of the world and I’ve wanted to make out with them,” Ben explained. “It was always just such a shame. Then they would reunite finally and break up. And I’m like, ‘See, I told you.’” Awwww.

So there you have it, ladies. Stay out of those boatmances so you can be available for a slick “make out” with Ben Robinson. Or maybe just one of the three cuties this season on Below Deck Mediterranean! Either way, Malia is clearly on to bigger and better things.


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