Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez Caught In ‘Tense Argument’ At Dinner?

Are the good times over for Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez? One report says the two have started arguing in public, bringing an end to their sunny days.

‘First Big Fight!’

According to New Idea, Lopez and Affleck’s honeymoon phase is over. Lopez and Affleck were spotted arguing while out for dinner in West Hollywood. The Gigli stars appeared “very tense.” An onlooker explains, “Their body language certainly suggested something was amiss… there was none of their usual PDA.” Nobody knows what exactly the two were fighting about, but it did not go well.

What’s Going On With Ben Affleck And J.Lo?

Giant letters at the top of the page read “J.Lo and Ben’s first big fight!” The story itself consists of a single onlooker saying the two looked “very tense.” A shouting match in public is very different from a bit of tension, so the whole story is a bit misleading. It can’t even explain why the two were arguing. This whole story is wafer-thin and asks the reader to trust New Idea more than what one can see with their own eyes.

Do you know who thinks this relationship is rock solid? New Idea. Just a few months before this story, it reported that Affleck and Lopez got engaged in Montana. Tellingly, there’s no mention of this report in the argument story. They did not get engaged, and that proves this tabloid shouldn’t be trusted.

They’re Famously Fine

Out of all the couples to invent drama about, Lopez and Affleck are simply a bad choice. This story originally came out in August, and since then there’s been plenty of PDA. The two reunited after a brief spell apart and picked up right where they left off. She accompanied him to the premiere of The Last Duel in Venice as well. Their globetrotting romance is still in full swing, and this story is completely false.

This tabloid once reported that Lopez was adopting two kids with Alex Rodriguez. Luckily, that story was not true. It continues to promote stories about Lopez dating everyone but Affleck. We’ve debunked stories about Lopez dating Channing Tatum, Brad Pitt, and her ex Marc Anthony. Bogus stories are piling up, and it destroys this outlet’s credibility.

As for Affleck, New Idea promised he would wed Ana de Armas and the two would have children. This prediction never came to fruition, and both have moved on. Had this argument ever actually happened, then there would likely be footage in all the usual places.


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