Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez Have First Fight After He Refused To Let Her Visit Him On Set?

Are Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez struggling to make long-distance work? One tabloid claims the couple has hit a rough patch. Let’s take a look at Bennifer’s first supposed fight since reuniting.

‘Big Trouble In Paradise’ For Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez?

The most recent edition of the Globe reports Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s rekindled romance has hit a snag. Since the couple is currently working on different projects in separate countries, Lopez is desperate to visit her beau. But Affleck “is telling her it will do them good to have a little time apart and he needs to immerse himself into this new movie, which Jennifer’s not taken well at all,” according to the tabloid’s inside source. “She worries he’s pushing her away.”

Lopez reportedly wanted to set up a house in Texas, where Affleck is currently working, for them to spend time together while she visits. Affleck, however, is concerned with taking back the power in their relationship. “Ben’s not backing out, but he doesn’t want to be pushed around and dictated to like her last boyfriend Alex Rodriguez,” the tipster dishes. But Lopez sees things differently.

“Jennifer wants to marry Ben,” the snitch confides. “She thought they were headed in that direction. Now he seems distracted and she’s freaking out! She’s getting clingy and he’s moping around, but this argument won’t be resolved until she gets her way.”

‘Clingy’ Jennifer Lopez Pushing Ben Affleck Away?

This report is as baseless as it is sexist. First of all, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are doing just fine. The couple may have been hot and heavy over the summer, but they’re both very busy with their careers. It’s ridiculous to imply Lopez is any less committed to her job than Affleck, and we’re sure they’ll see each other again as soon as they’re able. Besides, the couple seemed just fine as they shared a passionate kiss at the Met Gala earlier this month.

Furthermore, it seems Affleck is making the effort to visit Lopez when he has the time. Just last week, the actor took a break from filming in Austin, Texas, to visit Lopez in New York City. Affleck cheered his girlfriend on from the crowd at her Global Citizen Live performance. “Ben wanted to be by her side,” a source mused to People about the trip. “They are always supportive of each other’s careers, and Jennifer was very excited to have Ben in New York City.” Clearly, this tabloid has no idea what it’s talking about.

The Tabloid On Jennifer Lopez

But the Globe has been far from reliable in the past when it comes to Jennifer Lopez. Earlier this year, the outlet reported Alex Rodriguez was holding out hope that he’d reunite with Lopez. Then the tabloid claimed Rodriguez had accused Lopez of “humiliating” him. And more recently, the publication alleged Lopez and Rodriguez were at odds over their “mixed- up millions.” Clearly, the Globe can’t be trusted when it comes to Lopez’s love life.


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