Ben Affleck pushes a maskless fan who got a little too close to Jennifer Lopez

Ben Affleck was forced to restrain an overzealous fan looking to take selfies with the actor and his superstar girlfriend, Jennifer Lopez.

While on their way out of Venice following the city’s annual film festival, the 49-year-old was snapped at the airport physically blocking a maskless fan who got a little too close for comfort while attempting to take photos with the pair.

Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez.
Affleck pushes a maskless fan who got a little too close for comfort.

Affleck was the first to push the man away from Lopez, 52, as she stepped back amid the chaos. Soon, their personal bodyguard stepped up, grabbed the fan’s wrists, and pushed him further away from the celebrity couple.

Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez.
Lopez stepped back as Affleck handled the situation.

Once the pathway was cleared, the couple joined hands once again and continued their way through the airport, keeping their heads low to avoid eye contact with any other potential nuisances in the area.

Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez.
The pair’s bodyguard eventually stepped forward to handle the overzealous fan.

It was an eventful end to an eventful trip for Bennifer 2.0, as the handsome couple turned heads from the minute they landed in the city of canals, taking a water taxi to the Venice Film Festival before shutting down the red carpet together Friday night.

Lopez accompanied her man in a show of support as he promoted his latest flick, “The Last Duel,” co-written by Affleck and pal, Matt Damon.

Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez.
The couple made their way through the airport once the path was cleared.

J. Lo was also able to squeeze in a quick photo shoot while riding through the city in a stunning Dolce & Gabbana number.

The festival was the first celebrity event they attended together since rekindling their early-Aughts romance this spring.

That’s not to say the pair have been shying away from the public eye, as they’ve had their share of on-camera PDA since their reunion.

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