Ben Napier Wishes ‘Dream Girl’ Wife Erin Happy Birthday

Home Town star Erin Napier celebrated her birthday on Monday. To mark the occasion, her husband, Ben Napier, posted a sweet tribute to her on Instagram. Not only did Ben share some adorable photos of his wife and their two daughters, but he also wrote a lovely caption in which he referred to Erin as his “dream girl.”

Ben posted a photo that contained Polaroid shots of the Napier family. The post showcased three photos of the family — one of Ben and Erin, a snap of Erin holding one of their daughters, and another of Erin with their two little ones. In his caption, Ben noted that these Polaroids were taken by both him and Helen. “Happy birthday to my dream girl,” Ben captioned the photo. “You say that I’m the fun one, but you’re the one that we all want to snuggle with.”

Interestingly enough, this marks one of the rare times that Ben and Erin have shared a photo in which their kids’ faces are visible, as they do not typically share such photos in order to maintain their privacy. Back in January, Erin explained why they don’t share photos of their kids in which their faces are visible. Her explanation was prompted after she said that she responded to a “rude comment” from a troll about her daughter Helen. She went on to write that she is frequently asked why they obscure their child’s face in photos, which prompted her to share her reasoning.

Erin shared that it’s “awful” to see unfair criticism regarding her child. As a result, she and Ben have decided to work their way around that unfortunate issue by not showcasing their daughter’s face at all on social media. Her message began, “It’s an awful feeling to have millions of people pick apart an image of your baby’s face.” She continued, “It’s an awful feeling to see a photo of your child used to promote some sort of overseas clothing company. It’s upsetting when strangers visiting Laurel to see our Home Town (thank y’all for doing that, btw) see her out with her grandmother and reach out to embrace her when she doesn’t know them.” Erin ended her message by writing that it is her and Ben’s job to protect their child’s privacy, especially when they did not sign up to be a public figure.

“We are the protectors of her image. Without Helen, our lives would be hollow and there would be nothing to share. She exists and we are proud of her,” Erin added. “But her likeness is ours to protect and decide when it’s okay to share, no one else’s. That’s our personal choice, and it’s not the same for everyone. We love and appreciate everyone who supports the show, but Helen doesn’t owe anyone anything.”

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