Bennett Jordan Reveals Where He Stands With Noah Erb

There’s always at least one Bachelorette suitor that ticks off the other contestants. For Season 16, that was Noah Erb. Some of his co-stars felt he was a little too aggressive when trying to win Tayshia Adams’ heart. Bennett Jordan had a particularly heated confrontation with Noah. In a recent post to his Instagram Stories, Bennett reveals where he stands with Noah now. 

What Caused Tensions to Boil Over During Season 16?

Season 16 of The Bachelorette was unlike any other season. Original lead Clare Crawley quit the show after a few weeks, convinced Dale Moss was the one for her. The two are still together, though it’s unclear if they are married or just engaged. 

Bachelor Nation alum Tayshia Adams took up where Clare left off. Bennett Jordan and Noah Erb got off on the wrong foot almost immediately. POPSUGAR recounts that things reached a boiling point during a wrestling match group date.

Noah receiving the group date rose sparked anger among the other contestants, which Noah then blabbed to Tayshia. After Tayshia called the other suitors out for their behavior, Bennett slammed Noah as immature. 

During a later two-on-one date, Bennett presented Noah a book called On Emotional Intelligence, which only ignited the feud more. Earlier this year, Bennett addressed whether he has any regrets about the feud with Noah. 

Almost a year has passed since the tensions of Season 16. What have Noah and Bennett been up to since Tayshia sent them packing?

Noah Erb Looking For Love on Bachelor in Paradise

Noah Erb didn’t find love with Tayshia, but he’s not giving up hope. He is one of the contestants on Season 7 of Bachelor in Paradise. The guilty pleasure summer drama returned to ABC for the first time since 2019. 

Credit: Noah Erb/Instagram

Tayshia’s former suitor is pursuing Bachelor Season 25 contestant Abigail Heringer. We don’t spoil you about how it turns out between the pair. You’ll have to tune in to BIP to find out. 

Instead of Paradise, Bennett Opts For ‘Greenlights’ Road Trip

Surprisingly, Bennett Jordan is NOT one of the familiar Bachelor Nation faces hitting the beach for BIP. It’s unclear if the fan-favorite declined or wasn’t asked at all. Back in October of 2020, network executive Robert Mills strongly implied that Bennett would appear on Bachelor in Paradise. For whatever reason, it didn’t happen. 

But rather than mope, Bennett Jordan took action. He went on an epic cross-country road trip inspired by Matthew McConaughey’s memoir Greenlights. Check out this photo from Bennett’s adventures: 

Credit: Bennett Jordan/Instagram
Credit: Bennett Jordan/Instagram

Where Do Bennett Jordan and Noah Erb Stand Today? 

Bennett took to his Instagram Stories to hold a question and answer session with his fans. He mainly fielded questions about his lifestyle. One follower wanted to know how things are with Noah now. “Are you and Noah friends now?”

In response, Bennett shared a screenshot of one of Noah’s recent Instagram posts along with the comment he left on the post. 

He added another comment on the screenshot. According to Bennett, Noah is still young, but he’s given him the nickname “Yung Erb.” Bennett also revealed that he has “nothing but [love]” for his former rival. 

Credit: Bennett Jordan/Instagram
Credit: Bennett Jordan/Instagram

Does it surprise you that Bennett Jordan and Noah Erb are friends now? Or at least, friendly. Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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