Best Budget Table Saws Under $300 | Buyers Guide | Top 5 Table Saws Reviewed


“Cut cut cut!” You heard it. No, we ain’t shooting a film. We are talking about things that can cut, like, umm, a table saw, that gets your cutting job done quickly and easily. However, in this world, the most effective saws start at $600. 

 That’s why we find out ways to buy the best budget table saws under $300. That’s a bit tricky though, but don’t worry. We will help you 

You know what, there are lots of cheap table saws available these days but the problem is, will that saw be of use to you? If not, it’s just money down the drain.

Go through this buying guide and have a look at the cool features to look for in a table saw under $300. So the next time you go shopping, you will get the best one for yourself.


Top 5 Table Saws Under $300



This table saw has been engineered with a super powerful motor. While working with this particular unit you will realize that its motor provides more efficiency and durability as compared to other regular saw tables available in the market. 

Plus, the pinion fence system and dual rack further add to the accuracy. They also ensure that any perpendicular movements don’t happen to the fence position. Furthermore, the two fence positions enhance the capacity and also make it easier for you to cut various materials.

The lightweight and compact design of this table saw make it quite portable. Other prominent features include an aluminum bed for more accuracy and rigidity, a no-volt release switch and a port for dust extraction.

  • Tabletop: 19 X 19 inch
  • Blade Diameter: 8-1/4 inches
  • Amperage: 15
  • Bevel: 2 till 47 degrees
  • Cut depth at 45 degrees: 1-3/4-Inches
  • Cut depth at 90 degrees: 2-9/16-Inches
  • Is portable and easy to carry
  • Operates quietly
  • Battery drains faster
  • As compared to other models it is quite underpowered


2.  SKIL 3410-02

Being one of the best portable benchtop table saw this product will last for a long time. The fact that it is made out of heavy-duty steel further adds to its durability. Its heavy frame makes sure that the table stays steady while you operate on it.

While using this product you wouldn’t have to stick to one place while working. As the stand is foldable so you will have no problem what so ever taking the table saw from one place to another. Thou it does weigh 67lbs so you might need to put in some muscle to carry it.

On using the aluminum surface and 15-amp motor of this saw you can cut about 3.5 inched deep. Plus, the self-aligning fence makes sure that each cut is consistent and accurate. All in all, you can’t go wrong with this product.

  • Tabletop: 20 X 32 inch
  • Blade Diameter: 10 inches
  • Amperage: 15
  • Bevel: 2 till 47 degrees
  • Cut depth at 45 degrees: 2.5-Inches
  • Cut depth at 90 degrees: 3.5-Inches
  • Is very easy to set up, use and transport
  • Is durable, firm and sturdy
  • Affordable
  • Very powerful
  • Doesn’t have any port for dust collection
  • The miter gauge doesn’t fit in the slot
  • The blade included in the kit isn’t ideal for achieving smooth cuts


3. Bosch GTS1031

The handle along with the compact design and storage space of this product makes it’s the ultimate portable saw. The base design is all-steel so you can rest assure that you will be investing in quite a durable piece.

This saw has been engineered with a top-notch fence which can glide at the slightest touch. It can also be locked into place so that you can get more consistent and solid cutting.

In case you decide to buy this saw then make sure to make the most out of the storage provided under the table. You can place push sticks, wrenches, miter gauges, smart guard, rip fence and much more under the table.

Furthermore, this product is equipped with a smart guard system. This system includes anti-kickback power, amazing cutting and blade guard. Lastly, one can make the most out of the dust chute which is tool-free to the back of the saw.

  • Tabletop: 20 X 22.5 inch
  • Blade Diameter: 10 inches
  • Amperage: 15
  • Bevel: -2 till 47 degrees
  • Cut depth at 45 degrees: 2-1/4 inches
  • Cut depth at 90 degrees: 3-1/8 inches
  • Includes storage space
  • Offers ultimate portability
  • Constructed out of steel
  • Riving knife prevents kick-back
  • The no-load speed is 5000 RPM
  • The saw has a stiff lever
  • The vacuum isn’t included



Being the first ever worm drive this table saw with bass gear offers amazing torque and power. That’s obviously not all, it also has a rip capacity of 11 inches and provides space of up to 25 inches.

In the long run, what the extension offers is more stability while you cut through materials. Plus, the rip fence adds pressure so the piece will not slide off while you cut it. The impressive motor of this saw and depths of its cuts allow on to cut through woods with ease.

Using the bevel you can switch rapidly between the angles and operate the saw with ease. As the motor of this saw has been engineered to designed to stay cool so you can work on the saw for hours and it will not heat up.

As a buyer, you would be happy to know that the output of this saw is 5,300RPM and so it would be able to rip through all materials. It also has an effective system of dust collection.

As compared to other saw motors this product has a worm drive and dual-field motor. The motor includes a worm screw, worm wheel a gearbox and can reach speed up to 5,300 RPM. So you are good to go with this amazing saw.

  • Tabletop: 23.6 X 20 inch
  • Blade Diameter: 10 inches
  • Amperage: 15
  • Bevel: -1 till 46 degrees
  • Cut depth at 45 degrees: 2-3/10 inches
  • Cut depth at 90 degrees: 3-1/2 inches
  • Causes no vibration while cutting
  • Has a powerful motor that runs constantly and quietly
  • Kit includes a diablo blade and miter gauge
  • Is compact and durable
  • Warranty is included
  • The kit doesn’t include a stand
  • Lining along the riving knife can cause issues
  • There isn’t any pinion fence system and rack included


5. General International TS4001

This table saw by General International is driven by a powerful electric motor, it is mounted on an arbor and consists of a saw blade which is circular.

Being a woodworking tool, the blade will easily protrude through the material and you will be able to accomplish any project you have on hand. Plus, the table provides ample space for you to work on.

As the saw table is portable and comes with cut frames, so you can set it up where ever you like and work on small wooden pieces. This amazing table saw also offers great accuracy thanks to its rip fence. Plus, the rip fence keeps all the lines clean and neat.

Other components like the riving knife and blade guard further add accuracy. They also keep the projects aligned so when you assemble the pieces as they would be lined up. In case the saw offers resistance, the anti-kickback feature will assist in keeping the line clean and the user’s fingers safe.

As General has been manufacturing reliable tools since 1946 so you can rest assure that this product will be able to satisfy the benchmark established. In the case of this saw tool, they have incorporated meaningful features that will assist you and you will enjoy using the tool in the long run.

  • Tabletop: 26 X 17.5 inch
  • Blade Diameter: 10 inches
  • Amperage: 15
  • Bevel: 0 till 48 degrees
  • Cut depth at 45 degrees: 2-5/8 inches
  • Cut depth at 90 degrees: 2-7/8 inches
  • A 2-year warranty is included
  • Provides ample power
  • Is safe to use
  • Has a large storage
  • Not very durable 



Buying Guide: Table Saws Under $300

Are you a strong and hardy woodsman looking for a saw? Or are you a skilled carpenter wanting to shape your piece of wood? You must be looking for a good table saw for your peculiar cuts.

You can have a powerful tool in your workshop but nothing can beat that table saw. It has accuracy like an eagle’s eye. Need a cabinet? Need a closet? Have some wood? Get working with a moveable, not-so-heavy hand saw to finish off a piece of great furniture.


Types Of Table Saws

Who likes only one kind of something? Chocolates, cars, gadgets, etc., we always wish to look for variety. Each type of saw has it’s own function and you need to find out what you want from the best budget table saws under $300.


Mini Table Saws


Some saws like Mini table saws are pretty powerful tools. These tools help the hunky tool-man give shape to models and cut sheets of metal. Although it has it’s own disadvantages. It can’t be used for a deep cut. Also, don’t try to cut something that’s turned hard with this mini table saw. No pun intended! 


Bench-top Table Saws


We want certain things to be larger and robust, don’t we? Bench-top table saws those made for the man who wants a big-robust tool. If you’re hunting to pin that tool on a workbench and carry on your work, you can do that with Bench-top table saws. These tools have pretty good power that can cut through anything and it lasts for several hours without heating.


Job Site Table Saws


If you want to buy a saw for a wider cut, go for buying the Job site table saws. They are made up of aluminum tops that make them lightweight and a shock-absorbing surface that deadens vibrations caused due to the up-down motion in any table saw. These are perfect for a smooth and precise cut.


Contractor’s Table Saw


Even a strong and muscular guy wants to carry a lightweight in his arms. Yes, we are talking about lightweight Contractor table saws here, the lightest among any table saws. You can move them as you please, or fix them in one place. With this table saw, you can successfully make wider rip cuts and the powerful motors in it make this job super convenient.


Cabinet Table Saws


Cabinet table saws are the big guys in a saw world. They are bulky units with robust motors and peak performances. These are those saws you were asked to keep away from during mechanical workshops. The cabinet saw has a pretty cool dust collector that keeps your workspace clean. After all, carpenters are known to be messy and dirty, but this table saw proves otherwise. 


Hybrid Table Saws


Last but not least you have the hybrid table saw. This saw is so good that you’re gonna fall in love with its performance. These saws are more solid and durable than their smaller cousins cabinet table and contractor table saw and it also has great performance. If you want a lighter, cabinet variety at a cheaper price, get this saw now.



What To Look For In An Inexpensive Table Saw?

The different table saws have different features to suit your needs. If you are looking for a large size, powerful cutter saw, then you can simply kill it with the cabinet table saw. But then, you have to bear with the big size. But if you’re pretty satisfied with a saw that can deal with small cuttings, make the Mini table saw your companion!

If a handyman needs a saw for wide cuts or precise cabinetry work, he can choose from Bench-top, contractor, and job site table saws. These saws provide incredible power and a cutting width perfect for woodworks. These table saws are super cheap when compared to their stationary counterparts.

At the same time, you don’t want to miss stability if you are going to purchase a table saw, right? Nobody likes something with a weak top surface, so why would choose a flimsy one. Lay your hands on a saw with aluminum tops or, better, look for sturdier designs.

We get it that you’re pretty much thrifty and don’t want to cross the 300$ budget. But also don’t compromise on a good motor. As you know, a good motor is what makes your tool powerful. It’s going to be a grand buy if you purchase one with a powerful motor within your budget. Look for a strong stand when you go saw shopping, as a heavy saw needs a good amount of support.

Also, ensure that your saw comes with a good cut fence and a decent miter gauge, otherwise, you’ll be a fool to pay 300$. And about dust collector? Don’t worry as a vacuum cleaner does a great job.


Check For Unique Features

Nobody, on the internet, is going to tell you this, but you must know how to look for a few unique features while purchasing the best budget table saws under $300.

  • Angular cuts: Some saws have a manual tilt that you can adjust to get cuts at a 45-degree angle. If you are looking for a saw that’s going to aid you in a curved cut, then these are an advantage. 
  • Powerful motor: The strength and potency of a saw come from its motor. It’s like the heart of the saw that pumps life to it. Powerful motors working at 12-amps, it can rip apart anything. 
  • Sharp big blade: It’s a table saw, so don’t settle for something that looks like a knife. You need a nice, sharp, and large blade that cuts everything with small efforts. Make sure the aluminum, large blades fix into the chosen machine.
  • Durability: Some have handles made of plastic, while others have wood. Either way, these are noncorrosive materials. So don’t you worry about water damage.
  • Versatile cuts: Some saws have good angular adjustments up to 45 degrees that allows shaping cuts with ease. 
  • Light & powerful: What makes some table saws cool are their carriable weights and sharp jaws. These mighty saws have a plastic body but a thunderous 0.5 hp motor to get basic home tasks home.



We always like portable and mobile things. Don’t tell me you like it when a device is heavy and rugged and difficult to move. Well, there, you have an edge on using a plastic table saw. Say goodbye to heavy saws and buy one that has a plastic build. Even a lean boy would be able to move a plastic made table saw easily. And for a handyman who travels, for assignments, this kind of saw will be your constant toolbox partner.

Also, if you are a DIY guy, then you mostly need tools that are compact and portable. A cheap table saw should not cost you a lot of space. Tired of the bulky saw you have? Pfff! throw it and get yourself a light newer model.


The Motor/ The Heart 

We call the motor, as the heart of the saw. It’s what gives the saw it’s invincible strength. The sharp jawed saw is even more efficient when it is backed by a powerful motor. But not all motors burn a hole in your pocket. At $300 price bracket, you’re going to get the amazing direct-drive electric motor. It’s not Herculean but offers pretty good power. At least it serves the purpose of the woodcutter who wants to shell out $300, quite well. Go check the power and efficiency specs online and figure out which models can give you excellent power.


Safety Features 

You can be a big buy but you got to be safe while using a saw. You don’t want to get a deep gash on your body while cutting a chunk of a tree. If you are careless and childish, it’s gonna severely cost you. So, while saw shopping, don’t forget to evaluate its safety features.

Look for saws that have blade guards or don’t look at it. Make sure that the power button of the motor is conveniently placed. Ask the sales guy if flesh detection, anti-kickback, and other safety features are there to reduce mishaps.



Lastly, verify the warranty that you get from the store. A warranty gives you the confidence to use the tool to its maximum efficiency without fearing breakdown.


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