Best Cutting Board For Meat 2020 Reviews – Top Raw Meat Cutting Boards


Whether you visit a restaurant kitchen or a domestic one, there is one common thing that you will find in both cutting boards. The accessory is a crucial part of every space that deals with the chopping of food items and for good reasons. The simple accessory provides the chef or the chopper with stable space to cut the eatables and also prevent the underneath area from cuts. Not to mention, it also saves the knife from getting blunt by preventing its direct contact with solid kitchen slab.

The absence of contact between the kitchen counter and knife also prevents the eatables from getting contaminated. Some cutting boards, like those made of wood, also present you with decent disinfecting quality to enhance this contamination prevention. These boards usually have small pores that absorb and lock the extra oil or other residues that can cause it.

However, these cutting boards come in a lot of different types and grades. While most of them have durability and performance you need, not all of them will be useful for eatables like meat. These edibles being wet can secret liquid and are much harder to chop than vegetables and fruits. Finding the best cutting board for meat will become much trickier and will need much more research than you need for choosing a vegetable board. In this case, you won’t need just the sturdiness but also look for traits like the traction, size, and much more.

Well, there is no shortcut to finding the best piece for your kitchen, but there are ways to simplify the process of finding them. This post will perform this important task by providing you a comprehensive view of these cutting boards and the aspect you need to check before buying them.

Top 5 Cutting Boards For Meat

1. Best Kitchen Organic Chopping Board for Meat

 A good chopping board can make cooking your piece of meat more delightful and yummy in the kitchen. It’s like carving of the meat makes the dish more tasty and yummy to have it. So here we go with one of the best products in the market. It is the best organic chopping board made up of Bamboo with an excellent design. Built-in Drip Groove, holds juice from meat, fruits, and vegetables.

100% Organic Bamboo is purely natural with Antibacterial, Antimicrobial Properties, absorbs less liquid and has fewer cross-contamination concerns.

  • Material: Bamboo
  • Product Dimensions: 17.9 x 12 x 0.8 inches
  • 100% Natural
  • Anti Toxic.
  • Convenient and Practical.
  • Professional, High quality, durable and thick edge grain cutting board.
  • Eco-Friendly.
  • We can also use it as a cheese board or Tray.
  • The board comes up with side handles, so we use it smoothly with proper care.
  • Don’t leave it in water for much time.
  • Keep it away from the oil spills.


2. Bambusi Large Butcher Block Cutting Board

When it comes to chopping or cutting the meat plastic chopping boards are a nightmare, To overcome this situation bambusi butcher block cutting board is very useful. It is made up of Bamboo which is eco-friendly. We all know that bamboo is very strong, durable and highly known for its strength. This chopping board has deep, wide drip grooves that will hold all the liquid without creating any mess around the kitchen platform.

  • Product Dimensions:
  • Item Weight: 7.4 Pounds
  • Material: Bamboo
  • 100% Natural
  • Eco-Friendly Bamboo.
  • Easy clean-up.
  • Versatile Nature, we can use it for several purposes.
  • Large capacity.
  • Easy to use.
  • Avoid oil spills and clean with a dry cloth.


3. Bambusi Large Butcher Block Cutting Board

These extra-large bamboo chopping boards are undoubtedly good for health and it is an organic bamboo cutting board that is free of toxic dyes, stains, plastics, chemical resins, and formaldehyde. It protects our health from harmful chemicals. Bamboo is generally resisted from the water where it won’t crack or warps like any other wooden boards.

Bamboo cutting boards are good enough to resist from the chef’s knives as many of the chefs leave pockets for moisture which may accumulate food particles later. It is the best-recommended chopping board.

  • Material: Bamboo
  • Product Dimensions: 18 12.5 0.7
  • Highly Durable and Strong.
  • Knife Friendly
  • Item Weight: 3.15 pounds
  • Available at cheap prices.
  • Made up of pure Bamboo.
  • More sustainability.
  • Not certified by the FDA.


4. Gorilla Grip Original Oversized Cutting Board

As we know there are different varieties of chopping boards Gorilla Grip cutting board which is made up of plastic is one of them. It is purely made up of plastic and having strong rubber finishings, helps to hold firmly or tightly. These particular boards are non-porous and BPA free.
These boards are recommended for chefs as they have more demand in the market. It is easier to chop vegetables, fruits and meat. It can also be used for serving cheese in particular situations.

  • Made up of pure plastic.
  • Knife-Friendly.
  • It is coming with a set of 3 boards a Large; a medium; a small.
  • Not harmful.
  • Durable and strong to use.
  • Highly cheap.
  • It can be used both sides for cutting.
  • Made up of Plastic (may be harmful in the future).


5. OXO Good Grips Cutting and Carving Board

These double-sided durable and strong cutting board is made of HDPE polythene. Soft in nature and having tapered handles easy to carry and to lift. Odor-resistant, non-porous, highly durable and can use both sides.

Prevents from deep scratches of knives. Non-slip edges keep the surface from sliding on countertops. It can wash several times water-resistant. It can store simple materials.

  • Made up of HDPE polythene.
  • Weight: 3.2 pounds.
  • It has a juice groove one side the board to prevent spills on the kitchen platform.
  • It is reversible and has trough only one side.
  • Very soft in nature.
  • Very strong and durable.
  • Easily washable.
  • Can’t bear much temperature.

 Cutting Board For Meat Buying Guide


The most apparent aspect of a meat cutting board or, in fact, any chopping board is its size. This factor will affect the quantity of material it can cut in one shot and also affect the storage space requirement. It is always good to go for a board that has a considerably large surface area to simplify your work. However, try not to go for a huge one unless you run a professional firm or need to chop a large quantity of meat at the same time. It will increase the hassle of eating, maintaining, and storing the board. It will also add extra bucks to the accessories price. So, it’s best that you analyses the maximum meat you chop in a single go and calculate the size according to it.   


The most essential part of choosing the best cutting board for meat is to select the right stuff. These things are available in multiple materials, including both synthetic and natural composition, that you need to consider. Here’s a list of a few of them.

  • Glass: For the users who like their kitchen appliances to be more on the decorative side, glass cutting boards work the best. They have a clean surface finish, are easy to clean and look very appealing. They are also great in terms of life. However, they have a major drawback. The glass-based surface can easily blunt your chopping knife. So, unless you chop meat only once in a month or less, avoid glass cutting boards.
  • Plastic: With excellent colors and life, plastic makes a perfect material for cutting boards. It can sustain the cuts and still live for a long time. The natural composition of plastic also makes it easy to mold, which means you will find the boards in plenty of shapes, sizes, and surface finishes. Not to forget, its synthetic material, which makes it very accessible and cheap. However, it does have some cons. For instance, the high strength of the material makes it knife damaging. If the plastic board is smoothly finished, it can also contribute to slipping issues. The worst part of all is that if you mess up in choosing the right plastic for the cutting board, it can harm your health. The plastic particles can get detached from the board due to your knife and then enter your food. So, try to avoid it if you can, but if you can’t, go for a polyethylene or polypropylene board that has a rough surface finish.
  • Wood: The all-natural wood makes the perfect material for cutting boards. It offers both a long life and a variety of choices. You can buy them in oak wood, maple wood, bamboo wood and a lot of other wood types. Each of these wooden boards will come from different trees, which enable them to provide an extensive variety of surface patterns. The wooden board is also considered the best cutting board for meat because of their knife friendliness. Anyone from a professional to an amateur can use it without any knife blunting issue. The only problem, in this case, will be the damage and the cleaning of these boards. They are known to absorb water, so dishwashing them would not be an option. 
  • Metal: The metal-based cutting board is so far the best choice for most chefs. They are mostly made from high-grade steel, which makes them highly durable and long life. The metal also decreases the blunting effect and ensures that the board doesn’t get cuts during the chopping session. The non-rusting and non-water absorbing nature of the material also provides you the ease of cleaning. You can clean it using a liquid cleaner, wet clothes, and even using a dishwasher without any problem. They are the best cutting boards for meat in every possible way. Therefore, if you are not sure of the material, go for this variant.  
  • Hybrid/ Epicurean: If you like the looks of wooden cutting boards, but don’t want to wash or clean them manually every time, go for an epicurean board. It is a new type of chopping board material that uses a combination of wood and resin to ensure the quality you need. Here, the wood provides the looks, and the resin eliminates the water problem of the board. The food-safe resin will also ensure that the knives stay sharper for a long time, and no wood gets ripped from the board. Unfortunately, the duel material makes these boards a bit costlier. If you don’t chop meat too often or don’t want to spend much on a cutting board, this material type isn’t for you.


While most of the available best cutting boards for meat are developed specifically for just this food item, some offer a broader application. It will be ideal that you go for something like a double-sided cutting board for this part. This type uses two different types of surface finish types instead of the standard single surface finish. In simpler words, you can use it for chopping vegetables, cheeses, and more food items by flipping the meat-cutting side. In case you could find a hybrid board with a decent size and surface finish. It can also come in handy for serving stuff. You can use them as decorative for coffee or dining table. However, being a hybrid, it will cost you more. It is also not an excellent choice for commercial-scale users as using the same board for all items will reduce speed.

Juice Trenching

Meat is a wet type of food material and mostly secrets juices during chopping. This juice is not just nutritious but is also required for making the meat gravy. Therefore, the cutting board that you select must have a juice trench system. Usually, they will have a grooved surface that collects the juice for you. The feature is a must to have, and you should never use a board that doesn’t have these grooves.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best wood for wooden boards, and why?

The best wood will depend on your place, chopping frequency, and budget. However, for general users, the best wood will be bamboo. It is lighter than other wood types and offers a much better strength. Bamboo trees are also much faster to grow, which makes the bamboo boards very sustainable.

How do I clean the cutting boards after use?

The material like plastic and metal are water friendly. It means you can clean the board using sanitizers, like the rest of the utensils. Wood and bamboo boards, on the other hand, will need a dry approach. You have to use sprays of vinegar water mix in the ratio of 1:3 and then wipe it using a dry cloth.

What are the color codes for meat cutting boards?

Depending on the current state of meat, there are two different color codes you can use- red and blue. If the meat is in the raw form, you will use the red coded board for it. However, after you have prepared it, the meat will fall into the cooked food category that uses the blue coded cutting board.

Can I use a flat board for meat chopping?

There is no absolute rule for which type of board to use, but using a flat board for meat is a great idea. Firstly, the meat can slip from it, which can cause cuts. Secondly, you will be wasting a lot of meat juices that you could have used in the gravy.

What type of oil do I have to use for wooden boards?

There is no specific for wooden cutting boards. Any mineral oil or food-safe oil will do the job. You can even use beeswax for it without any problem. For deeper cleaning, you can also consider using salt, baking powder, and other similar agents on the board.


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