Best Minimalist Wallet 2020 for Men – Top 5 Slim Wallets Reviewed & Buying Guide


Times have changed and so has so many things changed. One of them is in the men’s world. Fashion has brought with it so many things and one of them is a change in the nature of wallets. Men no longer use the same wallets they were using in the past.

You no longer have to carry large a bulky and ugly looking wallet. Minimalist wallets are the order of the day. They are not only a creative fashion style for men but also a game-changer in terms of how men carry their personal belongings.

But, how do you get to select and buy the best minimalist wallet in 2020? You must be scratching your head looking at the very many brands in the market and models of these wallets. Unless you understand the most important aspects to look for when choosing a wallet, you may end up regretting afterward.

So, in this guide, you will get tips on how to select the best minimalist wallet 2020 for men. Step by step on how to narrow down to the best one.


Top 5 Minimalist Wallets for Men

1. Estalon Front Pocket Card Holder

Estalon’s traditional art of leather crafted personalized wallet which suits every lifestyle is made in an ultra-slim finish and makes it portable because it fits perfectly inside your pocket. It comes with a front ID window for quick verifications while traveling and is designed to keep cards, cash and other accessories. It has RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) blocking technology which helps to protect your confidential data. The leather wallet blocks the high-frequency RFID signal (13.56 MHz) that is usually found in credit and debit cards. You can easily keep cards, passports, and other documents in your wallet without fearing identity theft. This minimalistic wallet comes with an LWD (Leather Working Group) certification to promise that it does not come with harmful chemicals ensuring ultimate safety.

Key FeaturesSpecifications
  • 100% genuine leather
  • Handcrafted by professionals
  • Comes with RFID blocking
  • Perfect fit for the pocket
  • Dimensions: 4.4×3.7×0.4 inches.
  • Material: 100% genuine and long-lasting leather
  • Storage: 4 card slots, 1 ID window, 1 compartment for notes
  • Safety: comes with RFID blocking technology and LWG certification.
  • A skinny one-piece wallet which easily fits in a pocket
  • High-quality fitting
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Value for money
  • Comes with a money-back guarantee if the product does not fulfill the customer’s expectations
  • The RFID lining does not protect against cards that operate at frequencies of 125 kHz like hotel key cards, and employee ID badges.
  • Some customer reviews have reported the material to go bit stretchy with little use and cards don’t hold perfectly.


2. Travelambo – Minimalist Leather Slim Wallet

Travelambo minimalist wallets come with excellent craftsmanship using traditional tools like knife hammers and scissors followed by sewing in a professional sewing machine. This is preferred to machine production to minimize the stretching during production.

Key FeaturesSpecifications
  • It is equipped with silver embroidered lining which block RFID signals.
  • Leather styles to choose from – Crosshatch leather, Napa leather and Oil wax leather.
  • 100% genuine leather
  • Dimensions: 0.12″ thick, sizing 3.3″ X 4.1″ X 0.12″
  • Material: Crosshatch leather, Napa leather, and Oil wax leather.
  • Storage: It has 1 windowed ID slot. 3 dedicated card slots
  • Crosshatch leather is trendy and stylish and used by many prestige leather product brands.
  • Napa leather is renowned for its soft temper and is widely used in wallet production. It was first coined in 1875 in Napa, California.
  • Vegetable Tanned Leather is a natural and pure leather type that use 100% plant oil without any chemicals during production.
  • It keeps confidential cards and IDs safe because it comes with RFID blocking technology 
  • It comes with one-year quality protection.
  • It not only offers security but has premium functionality which provides ample storage for cards and cash.
  • It comes with minimum stretch because it is handmade. 
  • This Travelambo front pocket wallet DOES NOT block RFID signals from cards working at a frequency of 125KHz, including employee ID badges and some hotel/building access cards
  • Some customer reviews say they have found mold stains and also it might have been found to fall apart within a few days. Some quality and size issues have been reported.


3. The Ridge Slim Minimalist Metal Wallets for Men

The Ridge wallet was made keeping it in mind that it had to extremely minimalist where you could carry everything you need. The products are made to simply land streamline everyday life. Its functionality can be highly praised by the usage of various compartments for different use. The Ridge offers lifetime guarantee which includes the functioning of expansion of the card compartment, mounting of metal plates to the inner track, and performance of money clips and strap. This involves replacing the elastic, screws, money clip, and cash strap plate.

Key FeaturesSpecifications
  • It comes with an RFID blocking technology
  • It is functional and slim
  • Modular functionality- It comes with a cash strap or money clip for clipping bills
  • Dimensions: 3.4 x 2.1 x 0.2 inches
  • Material: 6061-T6 aluminum; anodized gunmetal.
  • Modular functionality screws which make the money strap or clip helps to hold cash and can hold up to 1-12 cards without stretching out.
  • The slim wallet is perfect for carrying business cards, credit and debit cards, bills, etc. The notch present outside allows you to push out the cards easily.
  • Ultimate durability with the help of aluminum coating
  • Comes with money clip which allows clipping several notes inside
  • It comes with RFID blocking technology
  • It comes with a lifetime guarantee 
  • Minimal design
  • Lasts a lifetime
  • This wallet does not block RFID signals from cards working at a frequency of 125KHz, including employee ID badges and some hotel/building access cards
  • Customer reviews have reported the product to be a little difficult to use;quality issues have been reported like it has been found to fall apart in 3-4 months or change in the surface texture after usage.


4. VBAX Minimalist Unisex Slim Wallet

Vbax wallets have been produced by unparalleled craftsmanship because in the world of machines and technology they are handmade. The products go through extensive quality checks to ensure that not a single thread comes out or anything else that could be out of balance or flawed. Designed in Brooklyn, these wallets are slim and lightweight. Every piece has been meticulously considered to give the customer the best experiences. This wallet holds all you need and is extremely simple which makes it easy to carry.

Key FeaturesSpecifications
  • It has three utility compartments.
  • It can hold 8-10 cards easily.
  • The top slot is used to put only cash, headphones & bills
  • This is a 2 in1 wallet that you can use as 3 pocket or 1 big pocket.
  • Dimensions: 3 x 2.2 x 0.2 inches
  • Material: 100% Italian eco leather-two types used are veg-tanned and suede leather with elastic; highest medical grade nylon used. 
  • Comfortably Holds 2-10 Cards Folded Bank Notes and Key
  • 3 individual pockets for cards and cash, and key
  • 1 Pocket with pull-tab-quick-access features 
  • It is slim and functional 
  • Its dimensions give it a thin and smart look;
  •  Attractive and long-lasting 
  • It comes with a six-month warranty
  • Some quality issues have been reported by customers where the product becomes loose on usage for six months. 
  • Designs have been found to be complex at times by consumers like the compression strap which came out very strong in some cases.
  • Too many cards cannot be stored as reviewed by customers.


5. ARW- Carbon Fiber Minimalist Wallet For Men

The new version Minimalist Wallet of ARW gives a key start to minimalist life and is made of carbon fiber material which is slim, light-body, fashionable and convenient with RFID blocking protection design It sets everyone free from the heavy purse strings and suits everyone. It can store up to 15 cards and foldable bills and has a clip and has a money clip and elastic band for conveniently holding cash and cards inside.

Key FeaturesSpecifications
  • Minimalist slim card wallet
  • RFID blocking identification which secures credit cards and confidential IDs
  • Consists of a money clip and elastic band for keeping cash and cards handy
  • Dimensions: 3.5×2.2 x0.3 inches
  • Weight: 2.1OZ
  • Material: Premium Aviation Aluminum and 304 Stainless steel. The money clip is made of spring steel and has elastic webbing which improves cash and card holding capacity. It is made of high-quality carbon fiber shell.
  • The carbon fiber shell offers resistance to wears and corrosion and ensures a long service life.
  • Ultra-lightweight and slim (thinner than traditional wallets)
  • Large capacity and storage
  • It uses RFID blocking which prevents theft.
  • Fashionable and stylish with a great feeling of touch and aesthetics
  • It is US government FIPS 201 APPROVED wallet farthest protects your credit cards, debit cards, passports and driver licenses.
  • This wallet does not block RFID signals from cards working at a frequency of 125KHz, including employee ID badges and some hotel/building access cards
  • Complaints about screws falling apart have been reported which means few batches might have compromised quality designs



Buying Guide: Minimalist Wallets for Men

Minimalist wallets for men are the latest kind. These are types of wallets designed to give better service as compared to traditional bulky wallets. The main design for a minimalist wallet is a small body designed to easily fit on your front pocket.

They are also designed with lightweight making it easy to carry. A minimalist wallet will have several spaces where you can store different valuables and most bank cards. These types of wallets are designed in a manner that makes them easy to access and use whenever you want to use your cards or money.

With the latest technology, these wallets are designed with the latest materials with some coming with carbon fiber. Others are also designed with RFID technology which is important to stop scanners from stealing your important data.

Things to keep in mind when selecting a minimalist wallet for men

The following are the most important factors that you should always consider before choosing a minimalist wallet to buy. They will help you select the best and most appropriate wallet to suit both your taste, needs, and budget.



A minimalist wallet is supposed to give you an easy experience that the traditional wallets cannot give you. It should be easy to carry and still good enough to carry your valuables. One of the first things you will see when you look at a wallet is the size and that matters.

It all comes to what you need to carry on your wallet. Remember you are getting the minimalist wallet to get a new and better experience. You need to consider the number and size of the things you need to store on the wallet. Will they fit well.

Do not get a wallet too small to carry all the valuables you have. Neither should you get a wallet too big. Some wallets can be so big that it will be a problem fitting them in your pocket. Take your time and choose wisely.


Building Material

A wallet is something you need to use for a long time. As a result, you have to get the best quality that is going to serve you for long enough. It is a disappointment getting a wallet that will be worn out within a short time.

The best wallet will always be made from the best leather material. The leather has to be genuine. In addition, the wallet should have the best and durable stitching to make sure that it can last for a long time.

Other than that, make sure that you look at other parts of the wallet. Sometimes a wallet can have some few screws or other plastic parts. Make sure that they are made in a manner to allow them last for a long time.



Functionality is a crucial factor and should not be overlooked. At the same time, you should understand that the functionality of a wallet is not the same as the size. When you are looking for the functionality you are looking at how a wallet will serve you.

A smart wallet will accommodate the right amount of cards and in the right manner. You do not want to have a wallet that can carry just 5 cards and you have 7 of them. Before buying, check for how many cards the wallet can carry.

There are other things that you should check out for as far as functionality is concerned. Look at other storage rooms that the wallet has. How is the wallet partitioned? Some minimalist wallets are made with rubber bands to hold your cards in place while others are foldable.

Others are easy to open and access your things while others take some time. It is all about the functionality. Make sure it feels okay for you before you choose. Also, consider what you would like to feel when using the wallet.


RFID Blocking Feature

The RFID technology is a must check feature if you care about your valuables and you want to get the best wallet. This is a feature where the wallet is fitted with RFID blocking technology to protect your bank cards people who use scanners to steal your valuable data.

This is a feature that will protect your cards in case you live in a crowded area, have access to public gatherings a lot, or use public means. Make sure that you check whether a wallet has this feature before you decide to buy it.



Think about the cost of the wallet before you make the purchase. Do not spend too much money on a wallet that does not make sense to you. Always make sure that you buy a wallet that is worth all the money and you can find the value.

Ensure that you compare various types of wallets to make sure that you get the most affordable one. That way you will have spent low and received a quality product at the same time.


Extra Features

It is also good to look for extra features when buying a minimalist wallet. These are features that are not a must but they make everything better. For the best minimalist wallet 2020 for men, they are worth considering.

With the advancement in technology, some wallets are made from carbon fiber which is a great feature to have as it enhances the durability of your wallet.

Some wallets are made with special areas to store coins and keys which is a great feature to have. Others come with a warranty which means you are not worried about the durability and after-sale customer support.

If you care even further, you can consider the color of the wallet. Although this might not be a big deal for men, there are those would like to choose the best color.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are minimalist wallets good for my cards?

Yes. Minimalist wallets are the best for your bank cards and other important cards. This is because the wallets are designed specially to make sure that they do not ruin your cards. Most minimalist cards are well partitioned making sure that each card has a good place to store.

Do I need a minimalist wallet with RFID?

Yes. You can never be so sure of what will happen in the future. The whole idea is to make sure that you are as safe as possible. As a result, you have to protect your cards from scanners at all times and that is why you need a wallet with RFID technology.

Do all wallets have RFID?

No. Not all wallets come with RFID technology. As a result, you have to be very careful when selecting a wallet to make sure that you get one with this type of feature.

Which is the wallet material?

The best material for a wallet is one that can last for a long time. At the same time, the material should be flexible to allow you to use the wallet easily. There are two main materials that are the best for a wallet.

Some wallets are made from leather. In this case, you have to make sure that you buy one with genuine leather and well stitched to make sure it does not get torn easily. 

There are also other wallets that are made from carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is a very durable material. It would be a good idea to go for such a wallet.

Which is the best minimalist wallet for men in 2020?

So many wallets are in the market with several amazing features and it might be a bit difficult for someone to decide which is the best one to go for. Nevertheless, by looking at the reviews in this article, you will be able to compare various wallets to narrow down your best.

Compare all the features to make sure that you select the best one for you.


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