Best TV Series on OTT platforms to watch during lockdown


The entire world is in a state of lockdown. All of us, no matter where we come from, are advised to stay at home. This gives you a lot of time to catch up on all the great content on television that you have missed out in this while. As we are bound to live in isolation during this global pandemic (for God knows how long), here are 10 fantastic shows that will keep you entertained.

The Mandalorian

Where: Disney +

The new service of Disney is primarily aimed at teens and kids. However, one exception to this general rule is The Mandalorian, which is a fantastic show of Jon Favreau. It is the first-ever live-action series of Star Wars. Mia, who offers online assignment help Australia, says that for a lot of us, the Rise of Skywalker has had a lasting impact, but The Mandalorian, comes across as the perfect palate cleanser. In the show, you’ll admire and adore Pedro Pascal, who is the quintessential bounty hunter. His career and entire life are changed forever when he encounters Baby Yoda, who is a tiny cuddly alien.  

The Boys

Where: Amazon Prime

In this exceptionally funny, but slightly profound series, the Cult of the Superhero is smashed in the most gruesome manner. It has instances of violent satire of the caped crusaders. The show brilliantly puts forth their role in our society. Of course, a lot of you would compare it to Watchmen by Alan Moore. Though in terms of the theme, it might look slightly similar, but it is definitely more gleeful, pacier, and zingier. It has the beautiful Irish actress, Dominique McElligott, as the Queen Maeve, who is a Celtic-themed Wonder Woman.

The English Game 

Where: Netflix

Robin, who offers online assignment help services, says that as is expected of Julian Fellowes, the politics in this original soccer story, though a class apart, is a bit strange. The story revolves around the struggle of the mill workers who are lined against the Old Etonians in a war. The fight is to protect the soul of sport that was just cropping during the 1870s. Irrespective of it all, the show has a compelling story that is based on true events. It depicts the rise of Fergus Suter, who is a Scottish player. He is not only one of the 1st professional footballers in history but is also known to have an impactful say in revamping the sport. For anyone who finds it interesting, it is a great watch.  

Ozark Season Three 

Where: Netflix

The season three of Ozark released on Netflix on the 27th of March. Though the show is a bit cliché in a lot of instances, it has a cracking pace. This makes it incredibly compelling to watch. The show stars Laura Linney and Jason Bateman, a terrific duo of snipping husband and wife who are running a home-grown crime business of money-laundering. 

Altered Carbon, Season two

Where: Netflix

Chandler, who offers online write my essay services, says that he literally binge-watched the two seasons of Altered Carbon. In the show, you’ll see Anthony Mackie take over from Joel Kinnaman to become the eternal cyberpunk devil Takeshi Kovacs. The show is set in the future where the protagonist has been able to cheat death. Anyone who can afford this is downloaded again and again and installed into fresh sleeves or bodies. So, Takeshi Kovacs gets re-born as the MCU-star Mackie, who gets the task of solving a mystery of the murder on his planet. However, the most gripping aspect of the show is seeing Kovacs struggle with getting an ex-lover out of his mind.  

Good Omens

Where: Amazon Prime

It is a 1990 adaption from the novel of Neil Gaiman. The show depicts instances where Terry Pratchett, the humourist, is immensely pleased with himself. However, what I would like to call it is urban fantasy escapism in its primitive form. The show stars Micheal Sheen and David Tennant in the lead roles. It showcased the angel and devil as frenemies who have an intimate understanding that gets knocked over when God decides to take charge and triggers an apocalypse.  


Where: Amazon Prime

Chloe, who offers the best digital marketing course online, says that if there’s one thing that she learned from Fleabag, then it is that all of it can be done with a smile on the face. It is an observational comedy revolving around the life of Fleabag portrayed by Phoebe Waller-Bridge. Trust me, it is the real tonic, that you need to survive these tough times of Coronavirus. Fleabag is shown as a selfish and a drift millennial, who takes you back to the days when the problems were only bite-sized and mostly in our heads. It is the perfect meditation to deal with all the grief.  

So, these, according to us, are the top 7 shows that you can binge-watch on the different OTT platforms during the times of lockdown. 


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