Better Call Saul star Bob Odenkirk offers up brief recovery update

Saul -Over the past several days Better Call Saul star Bob Odenkirk has been on the end since suffering what he describes as a small heart attack. During that time he’s been understandably quiet and focused on getting better.

Late Friday night, Bob did share a small update — one that included, of course, his trademark humor. In a new post on Twitter he stated that he is “doing great,” and that he’s had his own It’s a Wonderful Life week of people reiterating to him that he makes the world better. He followed that up with a joke that people should keep “expectations reasonable.” Humility has always been one of his strong suits, so we can’t be shocked at all that he is going in this direction. We also expect a few more self-deprecating posts from him over the next several weeks, as well.

There is no precise timetable as to when Odenkirk will return to work shooting Better Call Saul but honestly, that feels for the best. Let’s allow him to focus on what matters now since there will always be time to finish Jimmy McGill’s story. He’s had the full support of his cast and crew through the process and we’re sure that they will welcome him once again with open arms.

At the moment, we would say to expect the final season to premiere on AMC at some point in 2022 — beyond that, it’s hard to get into any specifics. We know that there’s a lot the show needs to accomplish, whether it be bringing Jimmy/Saul’s timeline up to Breaking Bad or getting a chance to showcase more of what’s next for Gene at that Cinnabon in Omaha. We’re still rooting for a surprise reunion with Kim, even if we recognize that the odds of this happening are slim.

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Of course, we welcome all of your thoughts in the comments — we’ll have other updates on both the show and Bob’s recovery once they are out there to discuss. (Photo: AMC.)

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