Beyonce Brought Back Our Favorite 80’s Power Trend

Beyoncé Knowles-Carter is always ahead of the trend, but this time she’s recycled a beloved fashion style from the 80’s and it’s exactly the nostalgia we’ve been waiting for. The mom-of-three uploaded several pictures of herself wearing a black and white blazer with a scandalously short white skirt to her Instagram page and the look reminded us of Diane Keaton’s character in the 1987 film Baby Boom

Beyoncé Hits Us Right In The Nostalgia Feels

If there’s one thing Beyoncé Knowles-Carter knows how to do, it’s start a fashion trend. After all, the Grammy Award-winning songstress rocked a sheer, jewel-encrusted gown to the Met Gala in 2015 and six years later, other stars like Kendall Jenner, actress Julia Garner, and supermodel Irinia Shayk debuted their own “naked gowns” at the 2021 Met Gala. 

Obviously, once Beyoncé sets a trend, it stays set. We definitely hope that’s true, since we can’t get enough of one of her latest looks, which takes on the 80’s female power suit to a sexy new level. The deliciously 80’s trend of huge shoulder pads, oversized buttons, and wide lapels looks better than ever on the “Love On Top” singer. 

An Updated Take On An Old Classic

That may be thanks to the fact that instead of going with the infamous pantsuit, Beyoncé went with a teeny, tiny white skirt. The look showed off her enviably thick thighs to a perfect effect. 

It also highlighted the absolutely gorgeous blazer better than a pair of pants ever could. The skirt is so short, it almost looks like it’s just part of the blazer and the singer isn’t wearing any bottoms at all. 

The Houston, Texas native paired the outfit with a pair of sparkling heels that were just a shade shy of black. In one photoset, the “Crazy In Love” singer shared a close-up of the shoes, which are definitely drool-worthy for the shoe aficionados out there. 

We Just Can’t Get Enough Of This Look

There’s a lot of attention to detail when it comes to Beyoncé’s style, which we of course appreciate. Around her ankle, she’s wearing a glittering, diamond ankle bracelet. 

In some photos, she’s wearing dark tights, while in other pictures she’s got bare legs. It’s a look that boasts a lot of versatility, and Beyoncé took advantage of that by uploading some photos of herself wearing a high ponytail and looking all business. 

Mixing business and pleasure must come easy to Queen Bey, since she also added some photos of her husband Jay Z in some of the photosets, including a newspaper clipping of the two of them enjoying a night on the town. Now, where can we find a (hopefully much, much cheaper) version of that blazer?


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