Beyoncé Says She ‘Fought Hard’ To Strike A Balance In Her Life
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Beyoncé Says She ‘Fought Hard’ To Strike A Balance In Her Life

No celebrity is made of bricks and stones, and definitely not mother-of-three and musician, Beyoncé Knowles Carter. The singer has always been portrayed in the media as one of the few famous people who has a grip on her life as a celebrity as well as other aspects.

Notwithstanding, the American singer has called her fans attention to the fact that while she might seem to have everything under country, she constantly had to fight for it, and it’s an endless battle as long as she remains in the public eye.

Congratulations to the 39-year-old on becoming the cover star of Harper’s Bazaar September 2021 issue. While speaking to the magazine recently, the superstar bared her heart, revealing that in showbiz, she always had to fight for whatever she wanted, including her “sanity and privacy.”

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‘I’ve Fought To Protect My Sanity’- Beyoncé

Some celebrities take the spotlight for granted, while others get carried away in it, however, it takes special dedication and perseverance to be able to strike a balance between the professional and personal world. No kidding– the media wants to be all up in these famous people’s business.


During a discussion with Harper’s Bazaar, Beyoncé established that for the past 20 years, nothing in her professional/public life has been a bed of roses. She noted that it took more from her to be able to keep herself sane despite the attention she receives from the public. The same went for her private life that if she wasn’t careful enough, would have been subjected to public scrutiny.

She said; “In this business, so much of your life does not belong to you unless you fight for it. I’ve fought to protect my sanity and my privacy because the quality of my life depended on it.”

A Lesson Learned

Some people say that lessons can only be learned through experiences, so it’s safe to say that Beyoncé has gained enough experience over the years to know the best step to take for her life and family. The singer who has spent two decades and counting in the spotlight, has witnessed many mishaps that stemmed from famous people being unable to strike a balance between their professional and personal lives.

Although some of these stars came back whole after their bitter experiences, there are some who among other things went down the path of career suicide.

Still expressing her candid thoughts about her plight as a famous musician, who’s also married to a famous rapper, the “Run The World” singer said that if she hadn’t taken control of her life, it would have been “easy to loose herself.”

She went on to say that the industry in every sphere, is capable of “taking your spirit and light, then spit you out.”

Beyoncé Did Everything To Protect Her Family Too

Family is everything to Beyoncé, as the “Halo” singer would do anything and everything to protect her husband, Jay-Z, and three little kids.

She told Bazaar that she found a way to strike a balance between her two lives that her family and friends rarely see her as the ‘Sasha Fierce’ in costumes and make-up performing and singing from the depth of her heart. In essence, she’s just a wife and a mother to her immediate and extended family.

Despite her success in the music, Beyoncé said that she has gotten this far because she always strove not to mix her personal and professional lives.

Not A Stranger To The Public

As earlier stated, Beyoncé has been in the public’s eyes for over two decades, since she formed a girl group called Destiny’s Child. Other members of the group included Kelly Rowland, Michelle Williams, and two more ladies, who later left.

The group gained prominence in 2001 after the release of their third studio album titled “Survivor.” Some songs from the album are still considered as part of some of the greatest songs ever released.

After the group was dissolved, Beyoncé successfully kicked off her solo career in 2003 with her first solo album titled “Dangerously In Love.” She continued in this path, while teaming up with her then boyfriend, Jay-Z. In 2008, the pair got married, and later welcomed three children, including a set of twins in 2012 and 2017 respectively.

When Beyoncé announced on Instagram that she was expecting twins, the post garnered over 6.3 million likes in eight hours, breaking the world record for most liked post on the platform.

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