Big Brother 2021: Azah Betrays Hannah Chaddha

Big Brother’s Azah Awasum has a lot of fans upset over her sending Hannah Chaddha to the BB23 jury house. 2021 made history, but not everyone is happy with Azah right now.

For those that missed Thursday’s Big Brother eviction episode, Azah won HoH and she put Hannah on the block next to Xavier.  Many fans think the move made no sense as Azah just gave the game away to the men in the house.

With Tiffany Mitchell out of the BB house, Hannah Chaddha and Azah Awasum both knew it would be an uphill battle to keep the women in the game.

Big Brother 2021: Azah Awasum Could Not Read The Writing on the Wall

The only chance Hannah Chaddha had to stay in the game was to win the Power of Veto (POV). When Xavier won the POV, Hannah knew it was game over.

As expected by everyone (Except Azah) Hannah was evicted by a unanimous vote.  So far, all members of The Cookout to be evicted have been female and were booted by unanimous votes. Can you read the writing on the wall?

Tiffany Mitchell is Among the Best-of the Best in Big Brother History

Tiffany Mitchell made sense for the men to get out first. She is one of the smartest players to ever play the game (despite a couple of mistakes). So, it made sense to get the mastermind out. Let’s hope that CBS brings her back for another season.

Tiffany left in sixth place in the Big Brother 2021 season. But, she can keep her head held high.  Her master plan rivaled that of Dan’s Funeral.

Tiffany had also warned Azah Awasum that the men were working together. Now with Hannah Chaddha gone, Tiffany has no protection and can not play in the next Head of Household competition.

BB23 Hannah Chaddha

Does Azah Not Like Hannah Chaddha?

It seems odd that no one could recognize a highly obvious alliance until it was too late.  This was due to Tiffany’s plan of creating “Shields”.  This made everyone look at Big Brother 2021 couples as a threat and not at ‘The Six’. What really helped is that people not in the alliance thought that many of the people in The Six didn’t like each other.

But, many Big Brother fans know that some of the members did not like each other.  For a long time, Azah Awasum never acknowledged Hannah as a member of The Cookout. For whatever reason, many fans believe that Azah was willing to risk her own game to ensure that Hannah Chaddha would not win.

BB Fans Are Mad – But Have Theories

Many (and that’s an understatement) fans are angry with Azah for two reasons. First it was a stupid move that ensures she will lose. Second, there are some Big Brother watchers that feel she betrayed the only female left in the game.  This will make for another all-male final three.

One theory is that Azah Awasum thinks the has absolutely no chance of winning (even if Hannah stayed), and feels that someone might her to the final two as an easy to beat floater. Another theory is that she feels she can’t win, so she wants her Big Brother crush, X to win.

While there has been unprecedented loyalty this season in Big Brother, now that it’s down to four… the gloves need to come off.  It’s anyone’s game to win (except for Derek Frazier and Azah). Big D hasn’t won a single comp and Azah blew her chance to play the game and take out a threat.



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