Big Brother 23 live feed spoilers: Week 5 nominations

Derek Xiao - Big BrotherThe week 5 nomination ceremony happened late this afternoon in the Big Brother 23 house, and it was different from a lot of other ones we’ve seen this season! For the first time, we really entered the ceremony not 100% sure who both nominees were going to be.

One of them felt pretty solidified in Britini. It was clear that Head of Household Derek X. was fine with her going on the block, and she also indicated to him that there wouldn’t be any hurt feelings if he chose to do so.

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Here is where things get more complicated — at various times during the day, Derek X. fluctuated between Derek F. and Sarah Beth as the other nominee. His target is Christian, but he’s hoping to have a scenario where he does not get drawn to compete in Veto — yet, Hannah also made it clear to him that he needs another good contingency plan. Sarah Beth is it. If she goes home this week that’s not a terrible thing for a lot of other players. The idea in nominating her here is that if Christian does win Veto, he won’t use it; if he did, Alyssa could go up on the block. Sure, that would mean Derek X. gets blood on his hands, but that’d be a big risk if he ends up taking it.

In the end, Derek X. did what Hannah seemingly wanted: Sarah Beth and Britini are on the block. The Veto is tomorrow, and it goes without saying that this one is important for influencing the long-term future of the game. There may not be a better chance to get Christian out of the house!

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