Big Brother 23 live feed spoilers: Week 5 Veto players

Big Brother 23The week 5 Veto players were chosen within the Big Brother 23 house — so who ended up taking part in the competition?

Let’s start with a quick refresher, for those out there who aren’t aware. Derek X. is Head of Household for the week, and he chose to nominate Sarah Beth and Britini for eviction. The former Kings were really upset over this, as they didn’t understand why Derek didn’t just nominate two of the former Jokers and make this an easy week. (Of course, they don’t quite understand that Christian is the real target this week.) Derek told Sarah Beth last night that he’d use the Veto on her, which is smart since if she remains on the block, there’s a chance that she could go even versus Christian. There are people in the game who really want her out!

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For Christian’s sake, it is imperative that he gets chosen to play in the competition today, but did it actually happen? Well, that’s worth getting into more now. Christian was not picked. Instead, Alyssa, Kyland, and Claire are all going to have a chance here to compete. This is a fairly good draw for Derek X. as he works to push Kyland into using the Veto if he wins it — we know that ideally, this is something that he wants to see happen since he doesn’t want to put a bigger target on himself.

Overall, be prepared for this to be a potentially dramatic week — the Cookout alliance may be unified, but they don’t share an opinion on the best move to make here.

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