‘Big Brother 23’: Was There a Glitch With America’s Vote?


Some fans are speculating that there was a mistake with this week’s ‘Big Brother’ voting.

In Sunday’s episode of “Big Brother“, the results of Thursday night’s voting were revealed. Viewers at home had the opportunity to vote for their favorite houseguests, helping them earn BB bucks to further their game.

Some “Big Brother” fans were surprised by the results. The houseguests with the most votes were Derek X., Britini, and Derek F., aka Big D.

Derek X. made sense. He made a big game move targeting Christian during his HOH reign and is now vulnerable as a comp beast who is outside of The Cookout alliance. He’s played a good game and is very likable.

Britini winning a lot of votes also made sense to viewers. With few allies in the house, she’s an underdog who pulled out an impressive veto win last week.

That leaves Big D, who hasn’t made many game moves and has The Cookout on this side. His high ranking led some “Big Brother” fans to speculate about a voting glitch.

Live Feed Watchers Blamed ‘The Casuals’ for Big D’s Votes

Those who watch the “Big Brother” live feeds like to playfully refer to people who only watch the edited episodes as “casuals.” In a Reddit thread, some fans speculated that Big D only got votes because “casuals” didn’t specify which Derek they wanted to vote for, Derek F. or Derek X.

“I think people get the derricks (sic) confused. We need to do a PSA for the casuals!!,” one Reddit user wrote. Another user chimed in, “I think it’s gotta be his tik tok following or people accidentally voting for him instead of Derek X.”

Big D has a TikTok account with over 47,000 followers. “Big Brother” viewers will have another opportunity to vote for their favorite houseguests this week. If there was in fact a voting glitch with the Dereks this week, it’s possible Julie Chen Moonves will instruct viewers to make sure they specify which Derek they’d like to vote for this time around.

How Does Voting Work?

Voting for this week hasn’t opened yet, however, it will likely be the same process as last week’s voting. Viewers can vote up to ten times by texting the name of their favorite houseguest to 97979.

The three players with the most votes earn 100 BB bucks. The next three highest-ranking players will earn 75 BB bucks and the remaining houseguests will receive 50 BB bucks. Here is where everyone stands with BB bucks as of right now:

Kyland: 0 BB bucks

Tiffany: 15 BB bucks

Claire: 0 BB bucks

Alyssa: 50 BB bucks

Sarah Beth: 0 BB bucks

Xavier: 75 BB bucks

Hannah: 75 BB bucks

Derek X: 100 BB Bucks

Azah: 50 BB bucks

Britini: 100 BB bucks

Derek F.: 50 BB bucks

Next week, some houseguests will have enough money to play the Chopping Block Roulette casino game. This means someone could win the power to take a nominee off the block (without the veto) and have a replacement nominee randomly selected.

As Julie Chen Moonves has said all season, with big risks, come big rewards. The reverse of that is also true: with big rewards, come big risks. As certain houseguests rack up the BB bucks (looking at you, Derek X. and Britini!), they could find themselves with targets on their backs.

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