‘Big Brother’ Houseguests Describe Themselves in Three Unique Words (Exclusive)

Fans are able to watch the Big Brother 23 houseguests 24/7 on Paramount+’s live feeds. Even though you get to see them in an unfiltered manner, there’s still plenty about the houseguests that you may not know. In an exclusive clip from the season, the houseguests are opening up about themselves like never before. Thanks to the privacy in the Diary Room, the houseguests were able to share the three words that they would use to describe themselves.

The houseguests gave a wide range of answers regarding this topic. Several of the houseguests, including Tiffany and Derek F., described themselves as funny. Others, such as Sarah Beth and Claire, cited their intellectual abilities. Many of the Big Brother contestants, like Britini, Christian, and Xavier, described themselves as loving, charming, and personable — all of which are amazing traits to have on the CBS competition.

When it came to Derek X., his answers have changed since entering the house. While he said that he would have originally called himself charismatic, funny, and thoughtful, that has since changed due to his environment. Now, he would consider himself to be paranoid, anxious, and stupid. That’s what the Big Brother house will do to a person.

On Sunday night’s episode, new Head of Household Sarah Beth nominated Claire and Derek F. for eviction. In addition to seeing who the new HoH nominated, fans got to see how the latest competition in the High Rollers room played out. All of the houseguests learned how many BB bucks that viewers had given them. Derek X., Derek F., and Claire all earned 100 BB Bucks. Xavier, Hannah, and Alyssa all received 75 BB bucks. The rest of the houseguests all earned 50 BB bucks.

After they learned how much they had in their respective banks, they had to decide whether they wanted to play in the Chopping Block Roulette game. Alyssa was the only houseguest who played in the competition and, as a result, she earned the right to take one of Sarah Beth’s nominees off of the block. She decided to take Derek F. off of the block as she explained that anyone nominated next to him is likely to go home. So, she wanted to make sure that her closest ally, Xavier, would be as safe as possible if he did go up on the block.

Once she decided to pull Derek F. down, it was time for the Chopping Block Roulette wheel to decide who would be the replacement nominee. In an ironic twist of fate, Xavier did land on the block, which was exactly what Alyssa was hoping to avoid. Xavier did take the twist in stride, explaining that he will at least have a chance to play in the Power of Veto competition to earn safety. Xavier may have been placed on the block by the roulette wheel, but Sarah Beth has a backdoor plan in the works against Derek X. So, it’s unclear exactly who will be sitting on the block come eviction night on Thursday. But, it is clear that it will be a wild ride in the Big Brother house until that point. Disclosure: PopCulture is owned by ViacomCBS Streaming, a division of ViacomCBS.

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