Big Brother recap: Episode 36 of Season 23

Big Brother 23, Episode 36 began with host Julie Chen Moonves on hand to lead us through the night.

The last episode of Big Brother was the recap night for the season, where the final three houseguests reminisced about what had taken place.

Now, it was time to find out who won Part 1 of the final Head of Household Competition and also see packages for each of the final three.

By the end of the night, Big Brother fans would have a complete picture of how the final three people got there, and also who had a seat in Part 3 of the final HOH Competition on finale night.

Big Brother 23, Episode 36 recap

The episode jumped into individual packages for each of the final three houseguests.

Time was spent recapping the journies that Derek Frazier, Xavier Prather, and Azah Awasum took this summer.

Xavier Prather plays Big Brother 23

Xavier was up first in the clip packages, where he claimed to have been “the glue” that kept The Cookout together and also claimed that he threw a lot of competitions. We were also reminded that he pretended to be a bartender instead of telling people he is actually a lawyer.

He also said he only tried to win competitions when he needed to, that he made final two deals with Derek F and Kyland Young, and that he succeeded in getting his biggest target, Tiffany Mitchell, out of the game. It led up to his push to evict Kyland in fourth place.

Azah Awasum wants to be taken seriously on BB23

Julie explained that Azah’s strategy was to stay loyal and it worked on getting her to the end. When Azah spoke, she said that her goal was to be a “comp beast” this summer, but it didn’t turn out that way. So she shifted to an “under the radar” strategy.

Working with The Jokers and then The Cookout alliance was good for her game, and she noted that it helped when other people made themselves bigger targets. She then said it was a good thing she wasn’t winning HOH Competitions because it avoided her having to turn on people.

We also saw Azah telling Xavier about her crush on him, and she gave credit to her relationship with Big D for getting her to the end.

Derek Frazier wants to be Big Brother 23 winner

Julie reminded us of who Derek Frazier’s dad was before we saw footage on his gameplay on Big Brother 23. We saw him decide that he would go by Big D this summer and that he was going to rely on his social game. He called his social game “one of the best in BB history” during the segment.

We got to see Derek make a final two deal with Frenchie, then with Xavier, and then with Kyland. He said he chose them because they were “sexy” and “big competitors.” He then called Azah his best friend in the house and that he was proud of his alliance with her. And then it was a montage of Derek not doing so well in challenges.

Derek said his main goal was to “become the first Black Big Brother winner” and that he was the one who put The Cookout together to make sure someone from the alliance would become “the first African-American winner.”

Who won Part 1 of the final HOH Competition on BB23?

Derek Frazier, Azah Awasum, and Xavier Prather were shown playing in Part 1 of the final HOH Competition.

Derek F was out first, leaving just Azah and Xavier battling it out. Azah was the next one to fall.

Xavier won Part 1 of the final HOH Competition, giving him an automatic spot in Part 3 on finale night.

During the beginning of the Big Brother 23 season finale on Wednesday, September 29, we will see Azah and Derek F as they battled it out in Part 2. The winner of Part 2 plays against Xavier to decide the final HOH of the summer.

That brings an end to the Big Brother 23, Episode 36 recap, meaning we have just one episode left this summer.

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Big Brother 23 airs on CBS during Summer 2021.


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