Big Brother Star Whitney Williams Wants A Date With Xavier Prather

Big Brother Whitney Williams

The Big Brother 23 house is just starting to heat up in the show-mance department. When the houseguests first walked in a few made it very clear that they were aiming to avoid any romantic endeavors. That went double for Xavier Prather. He quickly noticed the many attractive women he was now set to live with and was quick to comment on his need to remain focused on the game.

In the following weeks, though, it seems some pairs are becoming more established. There’s Hannah Chaddha with Derek Xiao and Kyland Young with Sarah Beth Steagall. There’s maybe even a little something something between Azah Awasum and Xavier to come? During the week four elimination, Azah was very honest in admitting she wanted Whitney Williams out of the house for more than just the sake of her alliance. She’d started to catch feelings for Xavier. It seemed Whitney had too.

In an interview with Us WeeklyWhitney gave some insight into her 10-0 week four eviction. She said she wishes she had paid more attention to her surroundings. In her post-interview with Julie Chen, Whitney was completely shocked to learn Azah had feelings for Xavier too! Whitney even said she “felt bad” for how flirty she had been in front of her.

Since the eviction, Whitney again admitted to Us Weekly, “I have a crush on [Xavier] clearly.” She said he is “very logical”, “chivalrous”, and “realistic”. She added, “The fact that I already have two kids, he said that he’s tried really hard up until the last, like, week and a half not to get to know me too much. ‘Cause he didn’t want to start to fall for me. ‘Cause he has 10 siblings and all of his siblings have different parents and his ideal future would be one person, they start their family from fresh together. So that was really hard for him to wrap his mind around.”

But it seems the door isn’t totally shut between Whitney and Xavier. Though Xavier is still in the Big Brother house and can’t give his side, Whitney still gave us all the juice. She teased, “I don’t know. We’ll see….I want at least a date. I want him to give me a shot. I don’t want him to think too far into the future because I think he’s definitely, like, an over-analyzer.”

“We’ve had some really deep discussions about it,” Whitney admitted. “He’s already told me that whenever we go on a first date, he wants to take me to a basketball game. We’ve had those talks about what we want to do for our first date and stuff.”

I’m a little surprised none of these convos have made it on screen! Xavier is apparently getting weaker in his anti-shomance stance with time. Could bode well for Azah if both can make it through the next few eliminations!


[Photo Credit: Cliff Lipson/CBS via Getty Images]

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