Big cat ‘size of ‘Great Dane’ spotted by couple as expert swamped with sightings

A big cat expert has been swamped with 25 sightings since a “puma” was spotted.

Tracey Brown and her husband were driving home when they saw “a big cat the size of a Great Dane” jumping into a hedge.

The couple described the beast as looking exactly like the Puma sports brand’s logo.

Mysterious UK wildlife detective, Frank Tunbridge says the remarkable sighting in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, is one of many he has recently received.

He says he has received news of potential sightings from Devon, Worcester, Scotland, Ross-on-Wye, and more from the Forest of Dean, as well as reports of skunks and wolves.

Big cat tracker Frank Tunbridge has been receiving reports from all over the UK

Frank, who gives talks on unusual wildlife sightings, told GloucestershireLive: “So far 25 emails have come my way.

“These detailed and often emotional accounts provide the facts of the existence of the ‘British Big Cat’ now being part of our wildlife in the UK.”

Tracey, from Filton, Bristol, said: “I saw the body for a split second and the tail and the back of its paw. It was big with muscle like a Great Dane.

“It jumped like the Puma logo cat. It was amazing.

“My husband said it was a big cat and for a moment I thought it could have been a Shetland pony but the way it jumped. It was like the Puma logo cat with how it jumped.”

“Where we were driving there were woods either side. It just ran across the road and jumped.

“I have never seen anything like this before.

“My husband must have only seen it for two seconds and then when I looked back I could have only seen it for a second.

“I saw the back of it’s paw and it was jet black. The animal was pure black and I was just amazed at how big it was.

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