Big Ed‘s Dog & Best Friend Teddy Passes Away

Big Ed may be one of the most controversial stars of 90 Day Fiance. But his dog Teddy is beloved by viewers far and wide. Big Ed shared the sad news of his dog Teddy passing away. What do we know about the loss of Big Ed’s furry friend?

The Poodle Mix Was an Instant Star

Viewers were first introduced to Teddy when Big Ed appeared on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days. The diminutive dog seemed like a perfect match for the reality star. Teddy went anywhere Big Ed went, thanks to a special backpack fitted for dogs. The two zoomed around on Ed’s scooter.

Teddy even made appearances on Big Ed’s Cameo videos. Ed’s mother, Norma, was especially close to Teddy.


Teddy via Big Ed’s Instagram

Big Ed Shares Sad News of Teddy’s Passing

Big Ed had a very close friendship with his dog. He often referred to Teddy as his very best friend. Screen Rant reported that Big Ed once said this about this beloved dog: “I cannot think about my life without Teddy.”

Many dog owners can relate to that. Sadly, dogs are never with us for long enough. Big Ed took to his Instagram this week to share the sad news of Teddy’s passing. “See you over the [rainbow emoji] Teddy love you..!, “ he wrote alongside several photo slides of Teddy.

Big Ed Announces Teddy's Passing via Instagram
Big Ed Announces Teddy’s Passing via Instagram

Regardless of how they feel about Big Ed, his followers flooded the comments with condolences.

    • rip teddy😫


    • So very sorry Ed. It was so clear you loved him and he loved you.


    • fly high Teddy 🕊


    • So sorry for your loss.


    • Aweee rip Teddy


Of course, people want to know what happened to the dog. What do we know about Teddy’s sad passing?

The Dog Had Surgery Recently – Did That Contribute to His Death?

About a month ago, Big Ed got MAJOR backlash for posting a photo of Teddy with stitches all over his body. The photo dump of post-surgery Teddy didn’t offer any context of what happened. But in the comments, it became clear that Teddy had undergone surgery to remove benign cysts. Click here to see the graphic photos.

According to Big Ed, Teddy was on the road to recovery. At this time, Big Ed hasn’t revealed the reason for Teddy’s unexpected passing. However, one person left a comment saying that Teddy was around 13.

Teddy could have passed away from complications from the surgery or just old age. Whatever the cause, our heartfelt condolences go out to Big Ed on the loss of his dog, Teddy.

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