‘Big Mouth’ Season 5 Release Date on Netflix Coming Soon

There’s lots more to come as Big Mouth Season 5’s arrival on Netflix is right around the corner.

We’ll be keeping track of everything related to season five of Big Mouth, including what to expect, casting, news, trailers, and the show’s next release date.

Where ‘Big Mouth’ Left Off

After an anxiety-filled fourth season, Nick, Andrew, and their friends were able to finally overcome some of their fears. The group as a whole continued moving through puberty and figuring out who they want to love who they are as people.

Nick in particular saw some serious growth in Season Four. He fell out with his former best friend Andrew at the end of Season Three, but the two eventually reconciled. The biggest struggle for the show’s littlest boy in terms of stature was overcoming an alter ego that threatened to isolate himself.

We can expect Nick to be more confident next season, but with Rick as his hormone monster again, he’ll almost certainly still struggle with the problems of being a teenager.

After having moved away from her friends for part of Season 4, Jessie’s return to Bridgerton High School immediately relieved the pressure she felt from inner-city life. That in turn likely saved her from succumbing to the whiles of the depression kitty one more time.

Meanwhile, Missy came into her own in the fourth season of Big Mouth. She amongst all the kids seems to be starting to come to terms with her own identity. As she embraces her black heritage, Missy received a wardrobe change, a change in voice actress, and a potential future boyfriend in DeVon.

Next season we may see the gang as more confident individuals thanks to overcoming their anxiety. But, like all the other hormonal teenagers learning about the world, we can expect to see more creatures of the hormonal kind invade their lives at the worst possible time.

When Season 5 Will Arrive



During the Netflix TUDUM event, Nick Kroll – who plays Nick- revealed that Big Mouth Season 5 is coming to Netflix on Friday, November 5th, 2021. That announcement might come as a bit of a surprise as the show hasn’t gotten the same level of marketing as it has in the past. In particular, there is not a Season 5 trailer out in the wild just yet.

At the same time, the November release window is in line with other seasons of the Netflix original. The premiere season of the show debuted in Mid-September, while the second and third seasons hit the streaming service in October. Season 4 was a bit later than the other seasons as it arrived in December. It appears Season 5 of Big Mouth is splitting the difference with the November launch date.


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