Big Ten Leads and Bubble ahead of Selection Sunday

Time is running out fast for the teams in the 2022 NCAA men’s tournament bracket. This marks a good time to look at the current standings and make predictions about how it will all shake out. These predictions will come in particularly handy during this year’s competition as many people have money on the line. 

Well, people have been betting on basketball tournaments for years now. But gambling is actually legal in several states this year, and sports betting apps are connecting a lot of new users to NCAA betting. With all the new users, the final prize is sure to be big. That makes this a crucial time for gamblers to place smart bets. That in turn makes it crucial for analysts to give some solid predictions. So with just a few weeks until it all happens, let’s see what the standings look like. 

Gonzaga Stays On Top, Sharing Lead With Kentucky, Arizona, And Auburn

In the West Region, Gonzaga is continuing to put out a very strong performance. They have a No. 1 seed in many projections, and it doesn’t look like that is going to change in the next few games. Kentucky is coming up fast in the Midwest, however, jumping a few seeds and suddenly making its presence known. Arizona also mixed it up by rising in its region, with some believing that they can challenge Auburn. Auburn still holds onto its spot in its region but might be trailing behind Gonzaga more than before. 

Outside of these major four, the Big Ten is still making a great showing overall. Purdue, Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio State, Michigan State, Iowa, Indiana, and Illinois are leading the other conferences. Illinois is holding strong with a No. 3 spot in the Midwest, waiting for its chance to move up. 

Everything happening this way made some small changes to the bubble. SMU, Oregon, Rutgers, and Florida are looking to be the first four out. That leaves Belmont, West Virginia, Saint Louis, and Mississippi State with high chances of being the last four out. 

What This Means For Sports Bettors

Online gambling is the new craze that’s sweeping the nation. After so much time in lockdown and away from sports, major leagues came back with a bang thanks in part to the push from sports betting. Now more fans than ever can get invested in their teams by putting their money where their mouth is. The reason we’re seeing more people bet is the simple convenience of it. Gambling used to only be legal in casinos, and sports betting was not at all outside of Las Vegas. Now that it can be done with an app, millions of people who never had access can bet on the latest big game. And with more money in the pot, the bigger the prize.

Sports betting has ended up being a huge part of online gambling due to this excitement. Another important thing to consider is how the internet connects fans of smaller fandoms. It’s not hard to find a Super Bowl betting pool at work or with friends. But if you’re a fan of, say, Illinois college basketball, you might not find as many people to wager with. Now, you can log on to IL sports betting apps and find other local fans to join in a March Madness bracket. You might even be able to get enough people together for a fantasy league, something that many sports betting apps support. 

This year’s March Madness is sure to be a big one for sports bettors as 2022 marks the legalization of sports betting in a lot more states. Keep a close eye on brackets and predictions in the next few weeks, as having the right information will be essential to winning big. 

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