Bigfoot hunters release ‘best ever’ footage showing huge figure roaming forest

Baffling footage showing an apparently huge ape-like creature roaming a forest has convinced some viewers that Bigfoot exists.

While there is no evidence Bigfoot exists, hundreds of people have reported seeing a hairy larger-than-life monster across the US in recent years.

And a new video shared to YouTube channel Nv Tv has added further fuel to the conspiracy flame.

The clip shows a muscular figure strolling through some overgrowth in a forest in Idaho, US.

It appears to be black in coloURr with no visible skin and instead seems to be covered in hair.

Nv Tv, which claims to have the largest database of cryptid (mythical creatures) content, were convinced what was caught on camera was a Bigfoot.

The large black figure roaming the forest in Idaho

“When we first saw this incredible footage we were like is this even real or is it a man in a suit?” they explained.

“After watching the clip and looking at the amount of detail in this ‘suit’ we thought this is something you cannot buy online.

“The Bigfoot in this video looks very real and you can even make out the heavy build and all the muscles which is hard to replicate using a fake suit.”

Since it was shared on August 26, the video has been seen more than 100,000 times and has sparked a fierce debate over what the figure could be.

Some believed what they were seeing was the real deal.

The supposed Bigfoot
Viewers were split over whether the figure was the mythical creature

“I really wanna say it’s someone in a suit but when you really analyze everything it’s really hard too say it’s someone in a suit,” one wrote.

“This actually looks pretty freakin legit!! Wish there was more to the video though!”

Another agreed, adding: “That is absolutely without question the clearest and best and most realistic video footage of the Bigfoot that I’ve ever seen and I’ve been watching them for years since the original came.”

“This is the best we have seen in a very long time,” a third said.

Sceptics suggested it could just be a person in a costume
Sceptics suggested it could just be a person in a costume

But others were more dubious, pointing out that viewers “aren’t being shown the whole video”.

“Until we are shown the actual footage you can’t help but have doubts,” a sceptic said.

And someone else commented: “Unless the person who filmed this comes forward and explains why it’s only a few seconds it’s probably fake.”

The footage comes after a supposed witness to Bigfoot claimed he was terrorised by the creature over 24 hours, with it throwing “telephone pole-sized trees” at his house.

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