Bigg Bigg 7 Kannada Voting Result of the 30th of October 2019 | Who are in the danger zone?


The seventh season of Bigg Boss Kannada has gained significant prominence over the course of time. By the looks of it, the audience is well aware of whom they need to support by placing votes for them. The show initially began with a total of 18 contestants, the first few weeks were tough for the audience to decide who they should support and whom they should let go.

So far, three contestants have already been eliminated from the show and this has made the third week quite an interesting point of intersection. The reports are suggesting that five contestants have already been nominated from the series, namely, Priyanka, Vasuki, Rashmi, Raju Talikote and Chandan. Among these contestants, Vasuki is deemed as the favorite contestant from audiences votes and support.

It seems like Vasuki’s real-life story did manage to move the audience and that is the single most reason for the optimum support which this contestant is getting now.

bigg boss kannada 7

What is the status of the other contestants this week?

As mentioned earlier, Vasuki is extremely popular among the audience and almost 41% of the votes from the audience. Additionally, the second spot of popularity is held by none other than Priyankar as far as the voting results are taken into consideration.

Priyanka is garnering a lot of prominence from the show. There is a highly likely chance that Priyanka might reach Top 5 in Bigg Boss Kannada. Subsequently, this suggests that Rashmi, Raju Talikote as well as Chandan are fighting for their survival. Now, everything is completely on the audience as to who they want to save. The show is becoming interesting with each passing day.


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