Bigg Boss 3 Telugu Vote: Who Deserves To Win Bigg Boss 3 Telugu Title? | Let Us Know


Being in its final days, Bigg Boss Telugu 3 finale is near i.e. on the 2nd and 3rd of November, 2019. Tough competition to win the title of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3 prevails among the Five contestants. With only two days left for voting, the fans are trying their best to vote for their favorite contestant.

While the fans of Rahul appreciate him and consider him deserving, others consider him fake and undeserving as he has not been the captain of the house ever.

Bigg Boss Telugu Final

According to fans, Sreemukhi is the only female contestant who has been here and is deserving. While her fans are voting hard, sending WhatsApp messages, creating Instagram posts and encouraging people to vote for her, others say that she isn’t deserving as she has done nothing except shouting and crying.

Coming to Baba Bhaskar, he is not attractive like Sreemukhi but has gradually gained fans with his honesty and humor. Although being not so fluent in Telugu, he has given his best to stay in the house for more than 100 days. He has worked hard to reach here and his fans have also supported him by voting whenever he got nominated.

The superstar Varun who has a large fan base is now also being voted by his wife’s fans. Being a close friend of Rahul, Rahul’s fans are not against him. However, Sreemukhi’s fans are against Varun.

Ali Reza, a unique contestant known for his fitness, has performed great in all tasks. Even when he was eliminated, there was a huge campaign to bring him back and finally, he entered the house again as wild card contestant. After that, he has not turned back and has now entered the finale.

Now, let’s wait for the results as to who really deserves and wins the title of Bigg Boss Telugu 3. Do let us know your opinion in the comments section below.


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